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504 days ago

Video: A Brilliant Dutch parody of English sports

This is so good it is almost plausible. Having fallen very much out of love with soccer in recent years and not being a natural Eng-er-land supporter, I have started to reconnect and like everybody else, I prepare to cheer the three lions tonight. But this is how our friends in Europe see us…enjoy



593 days ago

As the sun rises on snitcher-on-Dee near Wrexham, I see another frost – 16 lavender plants to replace & a Clawdd to fix

Here in Holt, the last village in Wales, where snitching on your neighbour with unfounded allegations is deemed fair game but something that cannot be discussed openly, a bright sun shines this Tuesday morning revealing another night of, modest, frost. So far this frost season the blossom on the fruit trees has survived and peas and beans planted a few weeks ago, grow unaffected.


726 days ago

Today’s BLM lunacy from a Marxist Madrassa – ban the noun black from textbooks and lectures

I noted yesterday that while popular opinion is now turning massively against the Black Lives Matter movement, there are still redoubts, notably the BBC and other sections of the media establishment and academia. Today’s madness from one such redoubt is from Manchester University where students want to ban the noun “black”. The sheer lack of academic rigour on display is horrifying.


2139 days ago

Today's mad Oxbridge academic in la la land is Wendy Ayres Bennett - time to learn Polish

In last week's demonstration of how out of touch elite academics are with the rest of us, an Oxford Don reported the half witted Home Secretary Amber Rudd to the old Bill for Hate Crimes for a speech he had not heard. This week Cambridge has struck back in the battle to show which top University is more out of touch.