Extinction Rebellion

350 days ago

Extinction Rebellion and the LGBTQs - can someone explain why global warming is homophobic?

 Usually it is black folk, that is to say those in sub saharan Africa who, we are told, are most at risk from the global warming hoax. But apparently global warming is now more homophobic than it us racist and it is the LGBTQ community, most of whom live in rich Northern Hemisphere western nations who are most at risk. I fail to see the logic here but perhaps a more enlighted reader can explain?


1026 days ago

Video: the dumb blonde showing her big tits from Extinction Rebellion "In 2030 there will be no animal species left"

Shit! Unless we change our ways, there will be no animal species at all left on this planet by 2030. So says a woman showing her unusually large breasts in London yesterday. So I guess we must all wake up and take note. Greta may be able to see carbon emissions but she does not polish up quite as well as her fellow cult member and intellectual below. 


1158 days ago

Things that became racist in 2021 – No 132 Cheese

I sort of remember that cheese was first exposed as being racist back in 2020 along with sacking sacking a librarian for burning library books, women’s hockey, fancying Priti Patel or Rishi Sunak, coffee, sand, pants, fried chicken, not dating a person of colour, dating a person of colour and so much else besides. But in case the evils of cheese have not yet been exposed, they have been now. I guess this mixed race household must start emptying the fridge at once.  Naturally it is from gender fluid crazy town, aka Brighton in Sussex, that this revelation comes.


1380 days ago

Dawn Butler MP - does Labour really not want a free press?

Eco terrorists from Extinction Rebellion last night blockaded roads leading to the presses where The Times, The Sun and The Daily Telegraph are printed. So many folks cannot, today, waste their cash on buying those papers. I am no fan of the deadwood press but I do believe in a free press. However, it seems that at least one MP does not and is celebrating this action. Is this not rather disturbing? I imagine that Dawn Butler would not be cheering if The Mirror & The Guardian had been prevented from distributing their rags.


1470 days ago

David Lenigas, Lyin Steve & pals meet smelly welfare scroungers as Horse Hill over-run by Extinction Rebellion

As the tweet below shows, UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) operated Horse Hill has been over-run by the unthinking unwashed. For, perhaps, the first time ever my sympathies are with Lyin’ Steve Sanderson, Big Dave Lenigas et al who should, in my view turn on the water cannons full blast. After all there is plenty of water coming out of Horse Hill, why not use it?


1601 days ago

Do the young folk at Extinction Rebellion realise just how offensive they are as we commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day?

Surely everyone watching any coverage of Holocaust Memorial Day must have thought just for a second how truly evil the Nazis were? Okay not everyone. Mark Steyn once joked that if the Diary of Anne Frank was performed in modern day Holland, as the SS entered the house, half the audience would start shouting “she’s in the attic.” But leaving aside the chattering classes as they drone on offensively comparing life in Gaza to death in Belsen as factual and moral equivalents, most of us realise that the Nazis were utterly evil, deliberately slaughtering men, women and children.