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19 days ago

What would Maggie have made of Boris and today’s Tories?

There is an opinion poll out today showing Labour leading the Tories whose support is collapsing. Why vote Labour Light when you can vote for the real thing? Or if you are a Thatcherite, as I am, how can you bring yourself to vote for a Tory party that would disgust and repel every bone in the body of the blessed Margaret. The Tory party of the serial liar Boris is corrupt with party donors paying for his home furnishings and picking up soft sinecures and lucrative PPE contracts but, as bad, it has abandoned so much of what Thatcher believed in, including basic common sense. My day job is exposing fraud. How can I vote for such obvious frauds? The article below first appeared in my free weekly Tomograph newsletter which you can sign up to receive HERE.


52 days ago

BREAKING: Versarien's Nomad should be quitting over this

Shares in Versarien (VRS) are being pumped by Bulletin Board speculation that the company has won a “major role” in HS2. If that is the case Versarien should announce the deal with hard numbers via an RNS.  But it has not, it has leaked the story to “Punchline” the No 1 source of Business News in Gloucester. And then cult followers have spread the link all over the internet.