Huw Edwards

371 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Podcast: The villains are not The Sun and Social Media and the victim is not Huw Edwards or the BBC

The great and the good of the media world are gathering to attack The Sun, social media and anyone who questions their narrative as irresponsible, homophobic or discreadited. Meanwhile they say that poor old Huw not the 7 young folks now to have come forward are the victims. In an era of #MeToo how can Jon Sopel, Emily Maitlis et al be so offensive? All is discussed in this podcast.


1152 days ago

Updated: DISGRACEFUL: BBC Reporter Tala Halawa says Hitler was right when it came to the Jews

Tala Halawa has now locked her Twitter account. Heaven only knows what Jew-hating filth it contains. But for this BBC employee working for the BBC in West Bank, the truth is out. She hates Jews. She thinks Hitler was right. Her shocking tweet pulls no punches. So has the BBC sacked her yet? That is only one issue.


1878 days ago

The Euro Elections were a vote against Brexit – more utter bullshit from the Westminster & media bubble

Like millions of others, I voted for the party which is now the largest single party from any country in the EU Parliament and which won the British Euro elections by a country Mile – Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party.  The reaction of the Westminster and media classes has been predictable: “Didn’t the Lib Dems do well! This is a vote against Brexit.” You could not make it up. But they did.