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689 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Podcast: is Labour still pissing in its own bath? Jersey and Northern Ireland suggest that it is

Labour took a hammering across the UK last night and in this podcast I consider this rather crude analogy first used by one of its own leaders with regard to how it views the folks who were its core supporters. with reference to Northern Ireland and Jersey I argue that it cannot close the gap that now exists with its core and as such it can never hope to regain power and in Wales – as has already happened in Scotland – it may well become an irrelevancy. I refer to this piece on Tory sleaze from last week. One day that will matter but maybe it won’t for a very long time.


2546 days ago

Panama Papers: Tory Fat Cat Dominic Grieve: "save the banksters in offshore tax havens"

I am not sure that this shows how "in touch" Mr David Cameron's Tories are with the zeitgeist but his former Attorney General Dominic Grieve MP does not want a hasty reaction to the Panama Papers because he thinks we must protect the, now threatened, species that is the offshore bankster. 

Like many on the right, I find the idea that multi millionaires, like David Cameron's late father can pay sod all tax becuase they use offshore shell companies while folks like you and I pay the full whack a bit distasteful. It is sordid and patently unfair that "taxes are for little people". Conservatism should be about meritocracy and opportunity for all not just helping a small financial elite get even richer.

Of course one way to get the small super rich spivs back onshore is to lower UK tax rates and I am a big supporter of that.

But equally it does seem just wrong that crown colonies are allowing the uber rich to pay sweet FA and -as the Panama Papers make clear - to allow other rich folk to engage in money laundering. The former is distatsteful, the latter illegal.

Could we clamp down on what goes on in crown colonies like the BVI, Jersey and the Isle of Man? Yes we could. We could, for instance


2748 days ago

And now the Tory press is frothing about who Comrade Corbyn shagged 41 years ago..what a pathetic country

So what. Jeremy Corbyn was newly single. Diane Abbott was single. It was 1974, a lifetime ago. Yet the Tory press is in a frenzy revealing details of what appears to have been a brief affair. So bloody what?

Clearly the Tory press has known about this for a while and has been saving it for the “right time”.

Personally I have rather more interest about who exactly the then Tory leader Mr Edward Heath was bedding at the time. His trips to Jersey on his yacht are – arguably – of greater national concern than Comrade Corbyn entertaining Ms Abbott on a romantic tour of the tractor factories of Eastern Europe. The Tory and mainstream press seem rather less concerned with Heath's sexual adventures.

Pathetic is a word that springs to mind. Boring and banal are two others. What a pathetic country we have become.


3426 days ago

Are you a Northern Git? Take the Test: I am 0% Northern

Here is an automatic test to see of you are a Northerner. No surprises I scored 0% and according to the test must live in Jersey. Almost right. How do you do?

You can take the test HERE