Michael Oliver

8 days ago

Video: silver to reach $200 an oz

I recorded a long video with Lucian earlier and silver was on his agenda. He will like what analyst Michael Oliver has to say about past markets and how in the 1976 period, investors moved into commodities and stocks went sideways.  He believes that today, we are entering a similar period as most commodities have had long basing periods and are now turning upwards. This move seems to be caused by the expansion of the money supply and monetary policy.


225 days ago

Video: All Structural Momentum Pointing to the Sky for Gold, Silver, and Especially Junior Miners

Veteran analyst Michael Oliver started his career back in the mid-70s when gold was re-legalized. Instead of focusing on price, he looks at long-term trends, which is important because price being based in fiat can be misleading. He says, “Today, we are in the hyper-space of money printing.” Using price can be compared to building a house with a yard-stick that changes in length. Their focus is on the longer-term and not the day to day, they look for structure rather than short moves in momentum.