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2389 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Smoking Guns Bearcast from Athens - July 3rd

I start this podcast with a few developments on the ground here in Greece - tonight sees two mass demos which I shall be attending and reporting back on. Then it is on to Phorm, Provexis, Ubisense, Jiasen ( smoking gun located?) and the other China Norfolks, Netcall and Cenkos where conversation naturally turns to its role in the Quindell fraud and what the fallout will be.

And fear not Champagne Charlie Gibson fans, I had not forgotten about you. Just a reminder of why the Edison analyst is a convicted felon HERE and as a bonus a reminder of how it is not only the poor he screws HERE - and a reminder of why I feel the urge to remind you all HERE


3371 days ago

NetCall: Good but is it that good?

I first recommended shares in Netcall (NET) on, a provider of customer engagement software, at 13.75p in August 2006 – banking a 58% capital gain in September 2009 when I considered the 21.75p per share valuation had largely caught up with events. Come February 2011 the shares were trading at 19.25p and, with the company looking to have made strong operational progress in the meantime, I re-recommended the shares. Following results last month they now stand at a near five-year high at 29.75p. I thus consider that I have called this one pretty well but what now? Is this a red hot penny share?