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15 days ago

FACTS you cannot say about the Euro Women’s 2022 and the Lionesses

The other day I served up a detailed podcast on some of the lies that the political and media classes try to get us to swallow. The flip slide of this Orwellian nightmare are the t6hings that you cannot say without risking being branded some sort of “ist” and potentially silenced.  I got an email today from UEFA.


34 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Will Lucian Miers survive Thursday Night?

As a Scottish Catholic, Lucian Miers will support Norway this Thursday. I think this is unwise, as we are sitting amongst the Northern Ireland supporters. I’ll have to explain to fellow members of the GAWA that Lucian is a Fenian, hence his sudden love-in with the land of Quisling. On shares, I look at Edenville Energy (EDL) and its new board member, Paul Ryan (remember him?). Then, I discuss Central Copper Resources, Cineworld (CINE), and Purplebricks (PURP), which, ceteris paribus, will go bust in a year.


262 days ago

My Tickets for Euro 2022 confirmed – the pretense was unbelievable as daughter and I join the GAWA

Yes, dear daughter, you shall go to the Women’s Euros along with myself and Lucian Miers, the normal West Ham supporting team. But this time we shall be joining the GAWA, that is to say we are off to see Northern Ireland take on Norway who are rather good. I fear the worst, but we must all travel in hope in the Green & White Army.


1359 days ago

Top analyst says offer for Faroe Petroleum is too low

In addition to tearing into Frontera Resources (FRR) in his morning email, the City's number one oil analyst Zac Phillips, albeit of shamed SP Angel, also reviewed the 152p per share offer from Norway's DNO for Faroe Petroleum (FPM). To paraphrase a famed piece of Norwegian football commentary, ‘Bijan Mossavar-Rahmani, Executive Chairman of DNO, can you hear me, can you hear me’…


1990 days ago

An unapologetic BBC, lying Swedes, immigration, rape, Donald Trump, Nigel Farage & Fake News

After Donald Trump's comments on Sweden and immigration, the Swedish home secretary Ylva Johansson gave an interview on the BBC News channel when she said there was no connection between crime and immigration and the level of rape in Sweden is “going down, and going down, and going down.”

Fair enough. That interview took place last week. The BBC did not challenge the minister at all since her pro immigration Trump bashing agenda is that of the UK state funded broadcaster. There is just one problem. The Minister lied.


2094 days ago

Halford's £13,109 a week FD facing 2 week jail term in Norway for drink driving a golf buggy

Jonny Mason, the Chief Financial Officer of Halford's (HFD) has been fined £12,000 after being caught drink driving a golf buggy at 6 miles per hour in Norway. Naughty Jonny was also banned from driving in Norway for two years and sentenced to two weeks in jail. But Mason is refusing to say whether he will return to Norway to serve his time.


2203 days ago

Russell Square - the BBC still evades the point & so becomes ever less trusted

Out in the real world evidence has emerged showing that the Russell Square killer had been reading books supporting islamic extremism in recent months. The BBC is still buying the line from the Old Bill, calling this a killing by someone with mental health issues and referring to him as a Norwegian born in Somalia. Actually it is worse than that.


2210 days ago

Gulf Keystone gets hostile $300 million bid from DNO - market gets it all wrong (again)

Gulf Keystone (GKP) says that it is considering a hostile bid from Norway's DNO which comprises $120 million of cash and $180 million of shares. Given that DNO will be taking on a net $100 million of debt, post the restructuring the offer is remarkably generous but not half as generous as the market implies.