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Tom Winnifrith Monday 6 March 2017


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After Donald Trump's comments on Sweden and immigration, the Swedish home secretary Ylva Johansson gave an interview on the BBC News channel when she said there was no connection between crime and immigration and the level of rape in Sweden is “going down, and going down, and going down.”

Fair enough. That interview took place last week. The BBC did not challenge the minister at all since her pro immigration Trump bashing agenda is that of the UK state funded broadcaster. There is just one problem. The Minister lied.

She went on to lie. "The level of rapes is not actually high in Sweden”, contradicting another BBC hate figure Nigel Farage claiming he “doesn’t really know what he is talking about.”

There is only one problem with that statement which the BBC also did not bother to challenge since the elitist liberal broadcaster hates Farage almost as much as it hates Trump. That statement was also a lie.

Sweden, as you can see here, has the sixth highest rape rate in the World and the highest in Europe. Okay it is lower than Lesotho but it is still utterly shocking. A woman is more than three times as likely to get raped in Sweden than in Norway and six times as likely as across the EU as a whole. But maybe things are getting better? Er no.

The latest figures show a 13% increase in reported sex crimes in Sweden in 2016, and there has been a general increase over the past ten years. She has been slammed by a raft of MPs in Sweden from across the political spectrum but has the BBC run a correction or pulled the original programme yet?

Clearly it was running fake news but it is fake news that suits its agenda so that is all okay then is it not. It is not as if it will lose any revenue to fund its overpaid staff as a result of broadcasting lies and then refusing to withdraw them or correct them. We lucky Brits have to pay a poll tax to fund this rubbish or else we are threatened with prison and however low the fake BBC news stoops, that never changes.

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