Novara Media

120 days ago

BBC darling Ash Sarkar has to tell an outright lie to smear Israel yet again

Novara Media is a nest of jew hating communists and its star reporter is Ash Sarkar who seems to have a season ticket to appear on the BBC, right now to smear Israel. That she has to resort to lies says a lot about her. In the tweet below Ash insists that former Israeli ambassador Dan Gillerman says that Palestinians are“inhuman human animals.” Now watch the video which Ash attaches and you will see that this is not what he actually said at all.


136 days ago

The Hamas victory parties in London and Sydney last night, the West needs to root out these vermin

In Sydney they lit up the Opera House with Israeli flags to show solidarity after the weekend pogrom by Hamas where the death toll is now over a thousand including 40 babies found killed, usually by beheading, at a Kibbutz this afternoon.  The babies are not combatants. Killing Jewish babies is what the Nazis did to stop the “virus” spreading on another generation. Even the Nazis did not usually behead the babies.  Most decent folks in the West are repelled by what Hamas did but in Australia a crowd of several hundred gathered near the opera house…


812 days ago

When is it okay to attack Jews? Ask lefty "journalist" Rivkah Brown of Novara Media

Many of you will have been shocked by the recent footage from London of a bus load of Jewish teenagers being abused and threatened as they went out to celebrate the first day of Chanukah.  Chants of Sieg Heil could be heard.  The BBC reported that at least one teenager shouted out something about a muslim, implying that they almost deserved it. As it happens what can be heard on the audio is the hebrew for “Call someone it is urgent”. Natch the BBC has yet to apologise for this vile smear.