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1968 days ago

Character Group – Pokémon distributor appointment, still a buy

Just post its year ended 31st August, Character Group (CCT) said that it was pleased to announce its appointment as “the master toy distributor in United Kingdom and Ireland for the globally popular Pokémon brand”


2365 days ago

What do Pokemon Players and Bulletin Board Morons have in common?

I think that the answer is that however many times they have facts pointed out to them and are warned of the consequences of acting like imbeciles, the desire to self destruct is almost unstoppable. The picture below demonstrates that point.


2368 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Nightmares arrive in threes: The Mother in law at 5 PM, Avanti and African Potash

Oakley and I are bracing ourselves for the arrival of the mother in law. Wish us luck. At least I can flee to Shipston tomorrow, my poor cat is trapped with his Pokemon. Then I look at Avanti Communications (AVN) where the shares are surging on the back of an FT report - is this bogus? I look at Messaging International (MES) where I am not interested even after the fall, Magnolia Petroleum (MAGP) and a sector read across from the dire news earlier (HERE), Scotgold (SGZ), Johnston Press (JPR) and then do some detailed maths on African Potash (AFPO) and the loan from the FD's wife which could kill it stone dead on September 1.


2371 days ago

Photo Article: Oakley the cat is not playing Pokemon

Our friend M popped by last night for an amazing supper prepared by yours truly. The roast chicken stuffed with lemon and ginger really was superb. I would be modest about my culinary skills but it is hard to find anything to be modest about. The strawberry and dessert gooseberry crumble was almost magical. It was almost a perfect 10. I digress. M has in the space of seven days become addicted to Pokemon.


2382 days ago

Could Pokemon GO be the straw that bursts the tech bubble?

For those not familiar with Pokemon GO it is a the new game that young folks play on their smartphones across the globe. Instead of going on demonstrations against a democratic process they forgot to take part in, the youth of today addle their tiny minds on this game. I demonstrate my point with this recorded 999 call to Gloucester Police.