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1804 days ago

Labour scoundrel Tessa Jowell blames Brexit for future Olympic failure - what a silly woman

Tessa Jowell was the woman who publicly ditched her husband David Mills as he became embroiled in a Silvio Berlusconi corruption scandal. Mills was exiled to my father's village of Shipston where the socialist millionaires kept a country farm as a compliment to their North London mansion. Jowell got to stay with the urban sophisticates. Out here in the boonies folks did not buy the seperation story as la Jowell kept on making appearances up here and, lo and behold, after Tessa's political career came to an end there was a miraculous reconciliation with Mills. The political elite actuallythink that we are so stupid that we buy this sort of horseshit don't they? Now Tessa makes the most bonkers of claims regarding TeamGB and its Olympics success.


1817 days ago

Feminist Caption Contest: Women's Beach Volleyball Egypt vs Germany, C15 vs 2016

As a feminist I, naturally, support the right of a woman to wear what she wants not what some moronic theocrat dictates she wears. This contest from Rio sees the 15th Century playing 2016 or do you see the game in a suitable manner. Caption contest anyone? Please submit you entries in the comments section by midnight Friday 12 August.


1818 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Postcard - The Olympics are a debased and obscene plaything of the establishment: vindicated 4 years after London

Four years ago I wrote a lot of sceptical comment about the London Olympics. Folks like me were branded as "unpatriotic" for daring to question the narrative pushed by the political, media and business establishment. Four years on I feel that my coverage - which you can see in full HERE - has been utterly vindicated. We were lied to on a monumental scale by folks led by Dodgy Dave Cameron. I reflect on this as Rio gets underway. It is the same story but worse as this event is ever more sordid and unclean.