30 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Podcast: feeling depressed about the beating of Rod Liddle in a post fact world, Labour fantasists on the boat people and Robotyne in Ukraine

I start with this tiny village in Ukraine and the blood still being spilled there. It is everything that is worst about this terrible war and which the Western hawks pretend is not happening. Then it is onto Question Time, Rod Liddle, mental health and Labour canards about stopping the boat people. It is all so depressing. 


110 days ago

Some hard data you will find hard to swallow – just how badly is Ukraine losing the war? And do you remember "the triumph" of Robotyne?

Over the Christmas break the western MSM got a real stiffy repeatedly celebrating the downing of 4 Russian bombers over Crimea. It helps the narrative of “more western missiles, tanks, planes and hard cash and Ukraine can win.” But Western taxpayers, paying tax at 70 year highs and facing a cost of living crisis, should look at the real data and it may come as a bit of a shock.