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54 days ago

BREAKING: Amur Minerals announces sale of assets but not what was promised and buyer could/should be sanctioned

On 25 January Amur Minerals (AMC) announced that it was in talks to sell its Russian Mining assets “at an indicative price of up to £100 million.”  Today came the actual deal and it raises big questions. Let’s start with the price!


75 days ago

So what if mug punters are piling into Russian miner Polymetal?

Apparently, the most popular share amongst retail investors is Polymetal (POLY). Although shares have plunged by 80% since the invasion, it seems Joe Public cannot buy enough of them.


119 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: One Russian I would send to jail TODAY

Yes it is Mrs Darren Winters and I’d send the snake oil salesman to the salt mines of Rotherham too.  I have spoken to a £35,000 victim this morning and this really is a stain on UK financial services that I hope the FCA will finally act on after 25 years of doing nothing. I explain why I hope they might.


120 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: China the peacemaker? Power shifts out East as the West wallows in woke degeneracy

I start with events in Ukraine and possible peace and where that leaves some Russian owned stocks.  Then I turn to Ncondezi (NCCL) and then a detailed explanation of why today’s Versarien (VRS) analysis matters but also why the cash crunch is coming far sooner than most morons realise and the next bailout for the loathsome Ricketts will not be pretty. And then I ask where next for gold and oil prices and stocks?


752 days ago

Tom Winnifrith in the pay of the Russian oligarchs shocker

And there you were thinking that I exposed Frontera Resources (FRR) as a fraud becuase it was er… a fraud. Au contraire, this was indeed a Great British Company brought down as  part of a global conspiracy and I wrote what I wrote only because i was in the pay of the Russians. Comrades, I guess its vodka o’clock, as i tuck into a lunch of caviar supplied by my friends at the KGB….the things you learn on the LSE Bulletin Board.


1667 days ago

This week it is CNN that serves up the mega fake news on Donald Trump and has to fess up

A week ago it was ABC that caused a stockmarket mini crash by making up a story about Donald Trump and Russian collusion. 24 hours later it fessed to fake news. All those liberal Dems who had called for the head of POTUS on the original fake news, failed to apologise. But did they learn their lesson? Whaddyathink?


1706 days ago

Breaking: Photo Evidence emerges of Donald Trump with Proven Russian collaborator

Well here it is, a photo emerges.