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This week it is CNN that serves up the mega fake news on Donald Trump and has to fess up

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 9 December 2017

A week ago it was ABC that caused a stockmarket mini crash by making up a story about Donald Trump and Russian collusion. 24 hours later it fessed to fake news. All those liberal Dems who had called for the head of POTUS on the original fake news, failed to apologise. But did they learn their lesson? Whaddyathink?

Yesterday CNN reported that senior Trump campaign figures including the Donald himself were sent emails giving them access to those DNC emails on Wikileaks, which showed what a bunch of crooks the Dems were, a whole month before anyone else knew about them. Ho ho ho Wikileaks/Trump collusion, once again the liberal media and the Beltway Dems screamed for blood as the failing Russia witch hunt circus continued.

24 hours later CNN has fessed up to serving up fake news again. The emails the Trumpers received were sent a day after Wikileaks dumped the emails for all to see. In other words the CNN story was utterly bogus, pure unadulterated fake news. Once again the liberal media trolls, the snowflakes on twitter and the Beltway Dems are not apologising for the calls for Trump blood.

Meanwhile real America increasingly agrees with the Donald that the liberal media will serve up any fake news it wants to try to smear him. They tried their best to get crooked Hillary elected in 2016 and they are already batting for whichever Dem flies the flag for Big Government and fiscal recklessness in 2020. But real America sees through this charade. In the face of this diet of fake news readership/viewing of the established MSM continues to dwindle.

I guess that means more worthless journalists fired as market forces kick in and a guaranteed re-election for The Donald in 2020. Good news all round.

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