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1701 days ago

Donald Trump sucks Corrupt Saudi cock - truisms you cannot utter in the islamofascist jihad backing hell-hole

If i was living in Saudi Arabia I'd be arrested for writing that. If i was lucky I'd be lashed. Folks have actually been beheaded for making less offensive, but true, statements. The kleptocractic regime of Saudi Arabia has a human rights record which is worse than that of Assad's Syria pre-war, it commits war crimes on an Industrial scale in Yemen and it exports Islamofascist extremism and terror across the globe. Yet President Trump is blowing them off as if the Saudi Royal family were the nicest guys on earth. Why?


2714 days ago

US Intervention in Iraq – short term respite – long term disaster

Ben Turney today suggested that US intervention in Iraq would see Isis beaten back and is thus an opportunity to buy Gulf Keystone (GKP) and Genel. He cites some curious examples to back this thesis up.

You can read Ben’s piece HERE and my piece over the weekend explaining why Kurd oil stocks are a sell HERE.

Where Ben is mistaken is in thinking that we will see prolonged US involvement. Obama does not want that. Sure the Islamofascists may be driven out of Kurdistan pro tem. But they will simply retreat to Sunni dominated area of Iraq where ISIS is popular and to Syria where the US WILL NOT pursue them. And the Kurds will not advance into hostile territory so ISIS will regroup in safety.