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7 days ago

Why doesn’t the BBC challenge the canard of Evil Tories: lifting bankers bonuses while nurses eat from food banks?

This morning on Radio 4’s flagship Today programme it was the TUC boss Frances O’Grady ( total package £167,000) saying that the Tories were bad because they were going to lift the cap on bankers bonuses while nurses have to eat from food banks.  This line is trotted out by those on the left many times a day but it is just palpable nonsense. Let’s start with the banksters…


434 days ago

Two Bombshells this week from the Taxpayers’ Alliance which will enrage you

It is your money that is being pissed away by the State and with the tax burden at record highs the Taxpayers’ Alliance served up two examples of rank hypocrisy and incompetence that will leave you fuming.  First up is the greed and hypocrisy of TUC leaders and, yes you are paying to support this rotten system for these days most Union bosses represent workers in the public sector.  Next up is the shocking amount local councils have recklessly speculated on commercial property as they “knew better” than Mr. Market as prices tumbled. Of course they did.


3707 days ago

Harriet Harman knows best in the bedroom and elsewhere

In her Labour conference speech today Harriet Harman ( class warrior educated at St Paul’s School for Girls) devoted most of her tedious diatribe to attacking young ladies who did not enjoy her privileged upbringing but earn a good whack as page 3 birds . Privileged Harman wishes to deny them that opportunity while telling the rest of us what we can or cannot read in a newspaper. But of course like all good lefties she knows best.

But to lighten the tone she also discussed want she wants in a man.


3724 days ago

Mad Teachers Unions want lessons in walking not maths

I am sure that you know my view on the overpaid poltroons who run the teachers unions in the UK. This is not an attack on teachers but on the union leaders. Their willingness to go on strike and defend grade inflation/declining standards is appalling. But today we hit a new low with a demand from the head of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) that the National curriculum be ripped up and replaced by lessons in walking. Well the ALT is half right.

Of course I’d rip up the National Curriculum and replace it with demanding standards based on RRR, our nation’s history etc. But walking? Taking a quote from the Guardian newspaper


3731 days ago

TUC dinosaurs dance on Thatcher Grave

At the TUC Congress this week (no I did not know or care that it was happening either) you can buy T-Shirts celebrating the death of Margaret Thatcher. Cased in environmentally unfriendly plastic you can buy now and use on the day Thatch dies and again on the day of her funeral. Tasteless and unkind are words that spring to mind. A few others string to mind but they would not pass the censor’s pen on this website.