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Why doesn’t the BBC challenge the canard of Evil Tories: lifting bankers bonuses while nurses eat from food banks?

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 21 November 2022

This morning on Radio 4’s flagship Today programme it was the TUC boss Frances O’Grady ( total package £167,000) saying that the Tories were bad because they were going to lift the cap on bankers bonuses while nurses have to eat from food banks.  This line is trotted out by those on the left many times a day but it is just palpable nonsense. Let’s start with the banksters…

If the private sector companies wish to reduce their profits by paying employees more that is their call. I do not think highly of banksters and I’d like more of them to have been jailed for what they did in the GFC and elsewhere. My day job is exposing folks like that and I despair almost daily at the failure to deal with criminals. But if a private sector company wishes to pay its employees more that should be its call.

And it is one that will benefit the Government. Profits (taxed at 19%) will go down and banksters paying 45% tax will earn more. So lifting caps on bankers bonuses means the Government has more to spend which is surely a good thing and it certainly has no negative impact on what the Government has to spend on the NHS. The Envy of the world. Don’y mention Dr Shipman or Mid Staffs FFS.

As for the greedy nurses. The average nurse has a total compensation package of c£50,000 as I showed here. His or her average wage is £34,000. The media average wage in the UK is £31,000. So nurses, on average, earn more than 60% of those in employment. Last year approximately 2.17 million folks in the UK used foodbanks. Given that many more than that are on welfare and then c18 million folks in work have a basic package less than the average nurse (ignoring the nurses very generous perks), if nurses are indeed using food banks you really need to ask why? Surely they are snaffling food which should be going to tose who are far more needy?

Ignoring pensioners ( the vast majorirty of whom have an income less than the nurses), there are more than almost 25 million adults in the UK taking home less than the nurses so why do these lefties reckon that the nurses are among the 2.17 million who actually use food banks?

So the claim made by Ms O’Grady and the left that the evil Tories must give in to the nurses wholly unjustified pay demands to get them out of the food banks is not only completely unlinked to bankster pay but also palpably false. By now the BBC should have figured that out yet it is never challenged for the complete bollocks which it so obviously is if you look at the hard data.

It is almost as if the BBC has ceased to be impartial and is instead keen to promote a partial agenda. Surely not.

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