784 days ago

David Williams of Avanti infamy strikes again with alleged revenue overstatement & far worse - WSJ has the scoop

You can never keep a good man down. And, as for an absolute rotter like David Williams – who pumped satellite firm, Avanti Communications (AVN), before selling millions of pounds worth of shares, paid himself regular seven-figure stipends and then ran the company into the ground – it seems as if lightning will strike twice.  We defied the notoriously litigious bombastic prick, and highlighted numerous Avanti concerns on this website, as you can see HERE.


2796 days ago

NBC Wall Street Journal Poll showing Trump 11 points behind - why it is a lie

There were two polls out Sunday night - one shows Clinton 4 points up and the other shows her 11 points up. With Rasmussen showing Trump two points ahead that 11 point poll from the Wall Street Journal/NBC News looks very odd. Well here's the rub - its data is obviously flawed. Why the hell was it used at all and why has the media just not picked up on this?