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652 days ago

Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel - Strawberry Fields Forever: first fruit!

Yes, as you can see below, notwithstanding badgers, slugs and birds, we have our first strawberry from the patch I created on badger hill. I picked it yesterday while weeding and after snapping this photo ate it. It was superb. And there are many, many more coming up just behind. Strawberry ice cream for Joshua and me this weekend!


778 days ago

BREAKING: Zoetic – dossier passed to Food & Drug Administration

As you are aware, the Standard List is regulated by the FCA which is now considering my explosive dossier on Zoetic International (ZOE) published last Wednesday. But while the FCA considers its position, which as I have pointed out to it, should not be in any doubt, it must act, there is a regulator which can cause it far more trouble. When not engaging in a quick spot of pre-luncheon Badger slaughtering, I have contacted the FDA.


779 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: As it happens I encountered a dead badger today

I start on the subject of badgers and how I met the 1 of the only good sort earlier. Then onto how investors also fail to discount regulatory risk, ref Zoetic (ZOE), a few words on Metro Bank (MTRO) and the million morons march and about what it says about the investment climate. Finally On Rishi Sunak’s idea of a sales tax on o0nline shoppers and why it is wrong at every level


1668 days ago

A Letter to Marcus Stuttard and AIM Regulation – suspend Andalas now and stop the bailout placing

Almost out of cash, Andalas Energy (ADL) is gearing up for a bucket shop placing c/o joint bucket shop brokers Novum Securities & Optiva in the usual way: a ramptastic podcast with PR genius Steffi, 2 ramptastic RNS announcements and a ramptastic paid for podcast with Vox.  The trouble is that its claims have now been directly contradicted by its partner in the North Sea Badger field, Atlantic Petroleum (see HERE). If it turns out that Andalas was making unverifiable fantasy claims, as it appears, and raises money at an artificial price on the back of that, this would be a clear case of Securities fraud. In order to stop that the shares must be suspended at once pending a statement.  I have written to the fake Sheriff of AIM, Marcus Stuttard at AIM Regulation as you can see below.


1669 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: the mounting Andalas Badger scandal, a real test case for the AIM Casino

Today I explained HERE the mounting Badger scandal at cash-strapped Andalas (ADL) as it gears up for a bailout placing. In this podcast I explain why all involved should be concerned that they are not party to Securities fraud, notably Nomad Beaumont Cornish and broker Novum Securities - home to scallywag Gavin Burnell of Globo (GBO) infamy. This is a real test case for the integrity of the AIM Casino and I explain why.


1669 days ago

BREAKING: Andalas – the growing Badger scandal, is Nomad Beaumont Cornish happy to see investors misled as Atlantic goes on the record?

I have already flagged up comments by those close to Atlantic Petroleum, which showed that in a desperate attempt to ramp its shares ahead of yet another bailout placing, Andalas (ADL) was over-egging the Badger Pudding. Now Atlantic has gone on the record in a way that exposes Andalas big time and surely Nomad Beaumont Cornish must now force Andalas to issue a correction and stop its misleading pre-placing ramping?


1679 days ago

Is Andalas over-egging the Badger pudding? Another pre placing ramp exposed

I do not wish to fall out with my pal Brokerman Dan or with PR Genius Steffi but I think that their enthusiasm for Andalas Energy (ADL) is misplaced because the company is just not being 100% upfront with investors about its new great hope, the Badger prospect in the North Sea.


3775 days ago

Deluded Lefty Celebrity Hyprocrite of the day – Brian May

You may remember that Brian May, the guitarist with Queen, lead the campaign to stop the cull of badgers in the West Country. The badger population is out of control and they spread TB but “nouvelle landowner” May knew better. After all, he deserted the Tories for Labour in 2010 to save badgers and foxy woxy.

Now it emerges that on one of his Dorset estates he accepted professional advice and allowed healthy young deer to be, er…culled. Of course he has now put a stop to it on humanitarian grounds.

One rule for poor farmers and one for Brian. I wonder as the young deer saw the gunmen approaching were they singing to themselves:

She keeps her Moet et Chandon
In her pretty cabinet
‘Let them eat cake’ she says
Just like Marie Antoinette
A built-in remedy
For Kruschev and Kennedy
At anytime an invitation
You can’t decline

Caviar and cigarettes
Well versed in etiquette
Extraordinarily nice

She’s a Killer Queen