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4 days ago

Have you lost Money on the Appbox Media and One True View £35m cons - contacting the FCA as new facebook group goes live

The first time I contacted the FCA about these two boiler room scams was in November 2019. Natch the woke dullards were too busy jerking off on ESG porn to do anything and now about £35 million has been stolen. My coverage has been extensive as you can see HERE. But now it really is time that the FCA did something and put these frauds to the sword if only so that those who invested under EIS can get some of their cash back.


940 days ago

Stockomendation EIS opportunity crowdfund via Seedr

Our friends at Stockomendation have launched a Crowd Funding Campaign to help grow their business in the UK and into new markets. I like Stockomendation and think the management team, though boorishly Welsh, are strong, committed and have a business model that is interesting. Compared to some of the crap that is Crowdfunded this is bluechip and it has already raised most of its £350,000 target.


1337 days ago

Well spotted Roger Lawson - The Sharesoc man inadvertently discovers some big red flags at Rosslyn including a looming profits warning

Roger Lawson of ShareSoc bought a few shares in Rosslyn Data (RDT) as a recovery punt in a placing. That he was able to get EIS relief added to the attraction although I still worry he will lose money on this company which I have highlighted many times (HERE) as a howling dog even by the standards of AIM. Lawson attended the AGM yesterday and reports back on what appears to have been a curate's egg in his mind. I think he is being well generous.


2016 days ago

Steam Oil Production Co presents at Gold & Bears - November 28 2015

This is ShareProphets writer and head honcho of the Steam Oil Company, Steve Brown presenting at Gold & Bears. Steve is currently doing an EIS fund-raising for his company and my Mrs is in. To read more about Steam Oil and details of the fundraise go HERE. Meanwhile enjoy the video.


2300 days ago

The ShareProphets Guide to EIS – a taster

For higher rate taxpayers EIS investment can be incredibly attractive given the huge tax breaks it offers. But it is also a potential minefield. ShareProphets has a free guide to EIS which you can obtain by downloading the form HERE.  But as a taster…


2616 days ago

A Money Making Idea based on Cats & my nervous Mrs - Ltd

The Mrs booked our two cats, Tara and Oakley, into what seemed like a nice cat hostel before we left. We were told about how they would share a chalet and be well looked after and it would cost £15 a day. I shall not name the hostelry but suffice to say that they neglected to mention that it was VAT on top and then compulsory insurance (60p per day per cat) and then VAT on that. Oh and they charge for the day of drop off and the day of collection as well. 

For providing a basic cell and 2 bowls of food a day per cat this is money for old rope. Okay the concentration camp has now had to take two calls in six days from the Mrs worrying if her “puddings” are alright. The Gauleiter says that they are and braces herself for another call next week.

But this makes me think that there is a great business opportunity out there. The most shared images on twitter and facebook are …cats. So how about this as a business plan?

I set up a cat hotel which offers not the thin prison blankets that poor Tara and Oakley were provided with before the Mrs intervened (the darlings are used to a duvet after all) but luxury rugs. We offer twice the space of a conventional hotel and all day heating not just at night-time. And we also fix a webcam in each luxury en-suite facility. And then we stream the pictures


2627 days ago

This year’s EIS Investment is….Chateau Civrac

For various reasons it will be my wife not me making an EIS investment for this year and we will be going for a private company which offers the usual tax breaks, a credible possibility of a tax free capital gain and also a bit of fun. My record of backing wine companies to date is 100% (Chapel Down) and here’s hoping it stays that way with Chateau Civrac.