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3732 days ago

Man Fighting Nature – Do I really want to drown all East Anglians?

Having objected to the demands that the Money Tree bail out the spongers of the Somerset Levels I am accused of wanting to drown the inhabitants of East Anglia as well. I think that is a bit of an exaggeration, but….

Spending billions of pounds fighting nature seems pointless to me. The UK coastline is always changing. In some places coastal erosion eats away at land. In others silt is deposited and the land grows. That is God’s way, or the way of nature depending on how you look at it.

You can spend a fortune delaying the inevitable but in the end a mega storm and high tide will have its way one day.  The coast will move.  Locating houses on land that is doomed is ultimately not a good idea. Equally building new housing on flood plains is asking for trouble. Yet we continue to do just that and in both cases those living in affected homes demand that the taxpayer do something to stop nature, that the Money Tree be milked again.

Surely it is better simply to accept that nature will win in the end. If