1076 days ago

If you needed proof that Cathie Wood is as thick as two short planks…

No doubt this will be deemed misogyny, but Cathie is one hell of a dumb bint. She is the fund manager who reckons, based on piss poor analysis, that Tesla (TSLA) is worth $3000 and it is by far the biggest holding in her Ark Fund which you can and should short aggressively. Her fund also holds shed loads of illiquid shit and so has the potential to be Neil Woodford on steroids. But here is a tweet which shows that Wood makes Woodford look like Einstein.


1147 days ago

BREAKING: Nigel Farage’s new green business partner has a history of deceiving investors

The papers are full of the fact that after years of bashing the global warming scam as the fraud it is, greedy Nigel Farage has jumped on the bandwagon signing a new lucrative position with a business dealing in carbon credits and replanting of trees. Hypocrisy? Yes. But I can reveal it is far worse. Farage’s business partner has a history of deceiving investors.


2185 days ago

Why is the FCA still allowing Julie Meyer to manage other folks money & to raise fresh cash?

It is now almost two weeks since the regulators at the Maltese FSA (MSFA) suspended the license of Julie Meyer to conduct financial activities including fund management. The word on the street is that the license will be cancelled altogether soon. But it seems that back in London the dozy fuckers round at the FCA still have not caught up and indeed are now derelict in their duty to protect consumers.