grade inflation

926 days ago

After another A level fiasco, This useless Government has a cunning plan of which Baldric would be proud

Yesterday I published a chart based on data nobody disputes showing that the percent of kids getting top A level grades had rocketed in the two years in which grades were based on teacher assessment, rather than sitting exams. I reproduce the chart again as it is striking. There are two possible interpretations:


926 days ago

As Record A level Grades are announced in Airstrip One the Ministry of Truth reminds us that there is no grade inflation

The chart below is, the Ministry of Truth reminds us, testimony to the hard work of teachers and students alike. Suggestions that we have seen massive grade inflation since results were driven not by kids actually sitting exams but by teacher assessment are vicious lies spread by Emmanuel Goldstein. Thanks to Big Brother more and more of our young people will win more and more prizes for educational excellence.


2373 days ago

My daughter Olaf in doghouse but I'm very proud of her sparkling GCSE's

My daughter Olaf remains in the doghouse for showing a lack of respect for her old dad when , for the second year on the trot, she messed me around with summer holiday plans. The upshot is that I have not seen her since Joshua's Christening in late June and until she can learn that one should do what you say I am not particularly minded to change that. Notwithstanding all of that I was naturally keen to hear how she had fared in her GCSE's.


2383 days ago

Its that time of the year again - don't bash hard working students and teachers say left wing women who look like hippos

There is a change to the annual ritual. For about thirty years A level grades got steadily higher. Those of us who had to interview those with A*s at History who thought that Waterloo was a train station named after an Abba song knew that was because they were getting easier but when pointing this out were ritually abused as insulting hard working students and teachers who were so stressed out that they need 15 weeks holiday a year. This year the ritual is being tweaked.


2488 days ago

My Godless daughter brands me an evangelist who's got religion as I defend Martin Luther King

My godless, almost 16 year old, daughter Olaf calls me as her GCSE's start next week. Her school reports are glowing, she has already won a scholarship to the 6th form and I wish her luck but am confident that it will be A*s all round. We have agreed not to discuss grade inflation, I'm very proud of her anyway. Conversation then turns to the General Election where she says she is backing the Tories. Again I am proud of her. Her real anger is directed, however, not at her fellow Islington resident Comrade Corbyn, but at Tim Farron and the Lib Dems. She is furious at poor Mr Farron for his less than unequivocal support for LGBT rights. In Islington that is the sort of issue that really matters above all else.


2524 days ago

What the hell is an Executive Headteacher?

As I wander back from my local doctors I look at the noticeboard of the Wick Academy and see that it boasts of having an Executive HeadTeacher. What the hell is that all about?


2663 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Crooked Hillary Clinton, Crooked Mosman and er ...MXC Capital

I record this podcast from Shipston where I have just rowed with my sister about A Levels and grade inflation which she denies in her Public Sector Ministry of Truth way.  Then it is onto the US election, the outcomes and what that means. I am afraid that after last night I have a bad feeling. Then it is onto MXC Capital (MXCP), Redcentric (RCN) and Mosman Oil & Gas (MSMN) where in America there would now be class actions underway. Quite right too.


2745 days ago

Just how stupid do you have to be to fail an A Level? Greedy Teachers lie again.

A level results are out today and the only question that goes begging is just how stupid to you have to be to actually fail?

98.1% of exams taken were passed. 25.5% of exams taken resulted in a grade of A or A*. 75% of those papers sat by boys were scored A* to C. For girl papers that number was 79.7%. Well done hard working girls. Well done hard working boys. Well done the grossly overpaid teachers. Well done everyone.