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My daughter Olaf in doghouse but I'm very proud of her sparkling GCSE's

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 25 August 2017

My daughter Olaf remains in the doghouse for showing a lack of respect for her old dad when , for the second year on the trot, she messed me around with summer holiday plans. The upshot is that I have not seen her since Joshua's Christening in late June and until she can learn that one should do what you say I am not particularly minded to change that. Notwithstanding all of that I was naturally keen to hear how she had fared in her GCSE's.

Yes I know that I have written about how grade inflation has made a mockery of Britain's exam system and I stand by that. But given how thick most millennials are GCSE's are still a hurdle for many.

Olaf is a bit like my sister T who used to emerge from every exam saying how badly it had gone. The rest of the family exchanged knowing looks and, sure as eggs are eggs, on results day T came top of the year in everything. And so Olaf had braced us all for bad news. And you wonder why her mother has a big nose...

10 A* and an A in drama. Olaf is appealing that as she thinks there has been a mistake. I hope they put her down to a B to teach her a lesson. No, I don't really. But she was awfully smug about her results. And she has every right to be.

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