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12 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: a day of childcare hell

To say that I am cross by today’s turn of events would be an understatement. Hence this podcast is short and late and somewhat bad tempered. It covers Asos (ASC), Anglo African (AAAP), Tirupati Graphite (TGR), and Orcadian (ORCA) with another comment on the oil price and oil shares.


68 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: A day in my idea of Greek hell thanks to my wife

I refer to the resort of Stoupa. My wife knows how much I loathe and despise it and why and yet I found myself there again today. It was, as anticipated, hell on earth. Forget subbing Zak Mir’s copy for eternity this is the real deal. On a lighter note I examine timelines of placings, director share dumps, profits warnings and ramptastic statements at Best of the Best (BOTB) and Braveheart Investment  Group (BRH). In a world where anyone cared any more there would be a full steward’s on both. Of course nobody gives a damn and the world moves on. Nothing to see here sir.


71 days ago

More resentment felt as we head high into the hills for supper with the Guardian-reading loons

This time it was nothing to do with being forced by the Mrs to make a long drive to beaches packed with lobster red, blubbery, North Europeans where the sound of ghastly music was omnipresent and where the Daily Mail could be purchased not far from the Irish pub. I think the Mrs has agreed that, for the sake of our marriage, I will never have to visit Stoupa again. When I die I shall, for my sins, find that I am in Stoupa for eternity forced to sit on the beach in the blazing heat next to a man lying on a Stoke City towel, only able to gaze up at the mountains but never able to leave what is, for me, hell. This resentment was rather different.


649 days ago

Photo Article - the amazing murals at Pickering Parish Church

I had never been to Pickering before, or not that I remember, but it was where we decided to rent a cottage in the week after the New Year. Most attractions were closed, notably the North Yorks Railyway which annoyed Joshua greatly. But I managed to meet up with two cousins of my mother and we had fun in Whitby and Robin Hood’s Bay as well as being almost the only visitors on a bitterly cold day at the Flamingo Land zoo near Malton.


777 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: I am glad Mugabe is dead & burning in hell with Martin McGuinness

I start with the incredibly exciting matter I flagged yesterday. It did happen and I shall be able to say more in 4-6 weeks. Then onto the death of Robert Mugabe. I am sure the BBC will focus on early heroics. It should not. That is like saying “but… Hitler created some good art early on.” I celebrate Mugabe’s death wishing it had happened years ago. I look at how the regulators fail to tackle white collar crime reference Sefton (SER) and at why Altitude (ALT) MUST be investigated. I also cover Alien Metals (UFO) and Neil Woodford dog Xeros (XSG).


1071 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: A glimpse of what lies in store for me in hell c/o Radio 4 - Michelle Obama and the sociology & gender studies lecturer from Leeds

The Mrs tuned the radio and the awful BBC tortured me all morning reaching peak torture during Woman's Hour. It was strangely addictive. It is what Hell will be like when I go there on the day of judgement. Tearing myself away I look at Sound Energy (SOU), Highlands Natural Resources (HNR), TrakM8 (TRAK) and Imaginatik (IMTK)


1766 days ago

Facing the chavs dressed as elves - one last session of retail hell

I put it off yesterday, so traumatized was I after a session in Sainsbury's. At the local branch here in Brislington, it was not the staff but gormless young chavs half way between a hangover and a bender, who dressed as Santa or as an elf and roamed the aisles in search of cheap alcohol or mass produced junk food. Such is Christmas 2016 in Britain. It is a long way from a manger in Bethlehem and the poor shepherds.


1906 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: another Vision of suffering for eternity in hell

Earlier this week I discussed HERE how eternity in hell might involve being lectured by a ponce from Bristol City Council on Health & Safety Rules and EU regulations on child car seats. I have another vision of hell today and it involves the Mother in law, Mothercare and discussions about prams. On other, more stockmarket related matters, I discuss, in some detail, Avanti Communications (AVN), Grafenia (GRA) and Glenwick (GWIK). I have a few more words on our devastating expose earlier today (HERE) on Strat Aero (AERO) and I offer praise up to the delightfully politically incorrect Anthony Coombs of S&U (SUS) for his trading statement today covering Brexit in which he sticks it firmly to the liberal chattering classes of doomsayers.


2834 days ago

My Torture is Over- Zak Mir's book is sub-edited

I have explained a number of times in the past two weeks that I am getting an early glimpse of what life will be like when I go to Hell, that is to say I have been subbing a book written by my good friend Zak Mir.  It is 4.30 AM and I am delighted to say that the torture is over. Or as Zak would say it:

Indeed, notwithstanding the aforementioned reference above to 4.30 AM, it could very well be said that on the basis of the bear trap exhaustion gap fill reversal Tom can go to bed. This is especially in the wake of the way that his resistance support has indeed been completely broken by the aforementioned reference – see above. In fact, having driven the last person to edit my work – Stephen Eckett, indeed through all resistance points on the way to the asylum, anyone tempted to undertake the aforementioned task will in fact soon become Dead Cross with a sell signal on my literacy.”

Yippee. Now to think what Hell will really be like. While watching the England Cricket team tour Australia for eternity I will be forced to spend any gaps between play subbing the works of Zak Mir, getting texts from triumphant Aussies and from my daughter saying that she is volunteering to work for Chris Rennard while having to listen to Al Gore reading out his great work of fiction, An Inconvenient Truth.

I have a foretaste of the worst part of it but have survived with my sanity, almost, intact.