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1814 days ago

A new take on #MeToo – Hillary Clinton gives CEOs a green light to fuck the entire intern pool

Well it is either that or Crooked Hillary is lining up the biggest double standard in the history of the Democrat party and that takes some doing. I refer of course to her husband, the serial sexual predator Bill Clinton and the intern with whom he had sex in the Oval Office of the White House, Ms Monica Lewinsky.


2618 days ago

Caption Contest Hillary Clinton has been a role model for young girls for 30 years

Crooked Hillary Clinton reckons that by breaking glass ceilings she has been a role model for many years for young girls across America. And so here is a picture of Crooked Hillary in action and I invite you to supply a suitable caption in the comments section below with a deadline of the witching hour on Friday August 5th. Just for starters here are a few entries from myself: