1075 days ago

After another A level fiasco, This useless Government has a cunning plan of which Baldric would be proud

Yesterday I published a chart based on data nobody disputes showing that the percent of kids getting top A level grades had rocketed in the two years in which grades were based on teacher assessment, rather than sitting exams. I reproduce the chart again as it is striking. There are two possible interpretations:


1259 days ago

More vindication after 5 years: Bahamas Petroleum shares crash – Simon Potter is a rotter

For years AIM sewer listed Bahamas Petroleum (BPC) has spun the line that all it needed was a farm in partner to unlock massive potential for oil in the Bahamas. For years I have called out CEO Simon “Harry” Potter as a useless and grossly overpaid promoter who should be fired – here is a piece from 2015. And warned that this stock was just not investment grade - you can see a series of exposes and scoops HERE.  Sadly Potter was not fired in 2015 and today – with him having hauled out well over £5 million in compensation – since his 2011 appointment when the spoof started, the house of cards has collapsed. It will get worse.


1318 days ago

Judge Jonathan Bennett & the unrepentant serial rapist – a lesson in why I increasingly despise the liberal judiciary

Muhammad Jan refused to admit his guilt. So his victims, street working prostitutes in Derby had to give evidence in Court. It was too much for some but enough came forward to see the 24 year old convicted – after the jury deliberated for four hours – of two counts of rape, one of attempted rape and three counts of sexual assault against four different sex workers in the latter part of 2019.


2500 days ago

The public sector is staffed by lazy, overpaid bastards who lie about pay

My pay has fallen by 14% thanks to austerity says another lardbucket public sector worker. The fake news channels report this as fact and pathetic Mrs May finds another money tree and prepares for public sector pay rises all round. So what if the deficit is £50 billion and going to rise? So what if the National Debt is already the largest Europe and rising? So what if inflation busting pay increases across the public sector will only fuel inflation so pushing up interest rates? Who cares? Well lets start with facts, the inconvenient truths that show how the lazy, overpaid bastards in the public sector who are lying to you about pay.