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1007 days ago

Alex Scott, Reparations, William Wilberforce and myself

There are some folks out there who suggest that to make amends for Britain’s role in slavery we white folks here in Britain should ALL have to pay reparations to ALL people of colour on the basis that their ancestors were slaves. Heck, I know we did not enslave the Indians but I am sure we must have committed multiple Imperial sins in India, becuase in the new narrative of 2021 Empire is always bad, so surely my Mrs gets a look in as well? No. Okay well let’s talk about Alex Scott, the former footballer and TV presenter who is a person of colour and about me.


1293 days ago

Things that became racist in 2020 - No 461 fried chicken

I missed this one at the time so thanks to RP for spotting it but along with drinking coffee, women’s hockey, knickers, bras, sand, covid, dating a person of colour, not dating a person of colour and so much else we now know, thanks to the Guardian, natch, that fried chicken is also racist. 


1501 days ago

One reason the statues are falling is that we don’t teach our kids our Island history any more

Yesterday my Mrs attended an online union meeting at her University. Natch the statues were on the agenda. She, a person of colour, suggested that they should not all be pulled down but the middle class, white, Guardian reading, classes know what black folks really want to fight racism. Thus the Mrs was in a small minority and the Union at her left wing Madrassa now has a clear policy. Why, I wonder, are folks so angry about so many figures from the past?

There are many reasons but one is, I am afraid, ignorance. I went into some detail HERE yesterday, explaining why Thomas Guy was not really tainted by slavery at all. However, facts do not matter and his statue, at the Hospital founded with nearly all of his cash, is for the melting pot.