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21 days ago

As you celebrate a record burden of taxation, guess how your cash is being spent in the jails?

I bring you a tweet sent out from the Isle of Wight prisons. No this is not a parody account and yes it is YOUR cash being spent this way. If only we had a Conservative Government to stop this sort of woke madness and profligacy.


287 days ago

Another reason to despise Britain's Police - West Midlands force to hire Assistant Director Fairness & Belonging on £74,340

What makes you despise the Police the most? If it is not obese cops taking a knee to folks who want to end capitalism, boycott Israel, end the nuclear family and defund the Police, it is perhaps the way that the Rozzers always bleat about lack of resources to fight crime but then leach ever more from taxpayers to fund woke profligacy. Remember that the applicant for the job advertised below will never tackle one single crime and is only No 2 in the West Midlands Police unit responsible for sniffing out incorrect thoughts within the force, yet will still be among the top 5% of earners in the UK. Oh yes and that £74,340 comes before the perks…