86 days ago

Does David Cameron think we are that stupid?

I suggest that Call Me Dave does indeed think that we oiks are just plain stupid and bring you, as evidence, a tweet he sent yesterday. It is just such nonsense, such a total canard, but I suspect he thinks if he repeats it often enough, the masses will fall for the lies of the media and political class GroupThink. Yes it is Russia again.


633 days ago

Sanctions against Russia who benefits? Er…Russians, case study Petropavlovsk.

One day, I know not when, there will be no sanctions against Russia. And at that point we might be allowed to ask, without being accused of being an apologist for President Putin, who exactly benefits from all of these sanctions. Hat tip to JW for a summary of what happened after AIM listed Petropavlovsk (POG) went bust. This company, once worth £500 million, was largely owned by British shareholders. So, who benefits from its collapse? Yup. It is the Russians.


806 days ago

Eurasia – no impact from sanctions claim already looks lame, shares tank but still a massive short

After hours yesterday Eurasia Mining (EUA) insisted that it faced no impact from the sanctions imposed on Russia by the EU, UK and US.  A few hours later Russia launched air and missile attacks on Ukraine and tanks started rolling in for what looks like a full invasion. Eurasia shares have slumped this morning by another 31% to 11.6p but that still values this company with minimal revenues and a monstrous cash guzzle at £349 million or almost £400 million on a fully diluted basis. That is crackers and here is why.