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Does David Cameron think we are that stupid?

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 22 February 2024

I suggest that Call Me Dave does indeed think that we oiks are just plain stupid and bring you, as evidence, a tweet he sent yesterday. It is just such nonsense, such a total canard, but I suspect he thinks if he repeats it often enough, the masses will fall for the lies of the media and political class GroupThink. Yes it is Russia again.

The Cameron thesis is that sanctions against Russia are working and so causing Russia to struggle in its war against Ukraine. A week after the fall of “fortress” Avdiivka where Ukraine spent $2 billion of Western cash on its defences and where it, as well as Russia, suffered awful casualties this is nonsense at every level. 

Sanctions against Russia and the knock on effects are one reason that the UK economy is now officially in recession. Sending vast amounts of borrowed cash to the Ukrainians does not assist as it further weakens the Government’s balance sheet.  On the other hand Russian GDP grew by 3.6% in 2023! The EU average was 0.7% and only three countries beat the Russians: Montenegro, Malta and Turkey while Albania was neck and neck with the country of evil Vlad.

Meanwhile on the battle lines, Russia now controls more of Ukraine than it did before the glorious 2023 spring/counter offensive which, we were told, would split Russian forces in two, cut off the Crimea and push Russia back towards its own border thanks to tens of billions of dollars of Western taxpayer cash and all those sanctions. And from the front line, right down from Krynky on the Dnieper up to the village of Syn’kivka in the far North East, Russia is advancing. The gains are not huge but each day more territory is gained across the line. That is the grim reality. Russia is winning.

Meanwhile Ukraine is, according to Call Me Dave, a democracy but has cancelled elections and banned a free press. Officials who disagree with its President are fired. Russia is not a democracy but is having elections anyway and clearly does not have a free press either. For what it is worth, while the Western media reports how unhappy Russians are, the most recent polls show President Putin having an 80% job approval rating in Russia. I am not saying Russia is a democracy. But neither is Ukraine.

Does Cameron know that what he says is hogwash? I suspect he does. But nobody in the Westminster GroupThink or the wretched media class will call out the lies so he carries on lying in the belief that we will eventually believe him. Eastasia’s economy is collapsing, its army is faltering and its leader is hated, dig deep citizens of Airstrip One, victory for democracy, by proxy, will be ours.



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