4 days ago

Tom Winnifrith podcast: Ukraine war & US election series...sleepy Joe calls it quits

Today Joe Biden pulled out of the race.I look at this, his replacement as the Democratic nominee, Kamala Harris and what a fascinating slew of polls last week tell us about the race. I also look at shifting sands in Ukraine. 


9 days ago

Tom Winnifrith podcast: the war in Ukraine and the US Election, old Joe stumbles on, Donald Trump is shot and JD Vance picked

I start with Ukraine and what changes there are are not good for the West and President Zelensky. I look at what is changing in Europe and what happens next. Then to the US election, a legal win for Trump, Biden stumbles again and again but may survive as a lame candidate thanks to the shooting of Trump. It bought old Joe time. Then I look at JD Vance and what he brings to the ticket, locking down the Northern swing states. And Elon Musk’s money enters the game, what does that mean?


16 days ago

Video: Poking Bears And Black Swans

Analyst Dave Kranzler has a number of stark warnings of doom for stockmarket bulls but starts this podcast with a discussion of the Tucker Carlson Vladimir Putin interview, something I shall be covering later in my next Russia/Ukraine podcast.


27 days ago

Tom Winnifrith podcast: US and UK Elections and Ukraine - the latest Nigel Farage Russia smear and when not if Joe Biden is axed

After a disastrous debate for Joe Biden I lookat two polls appearng before it all of which suggest he may well be axed within weeks as the Democrat presumptive nominee, then I look at the latest Farage Russia smear and the UK election likely outcomes and at what is happening in Ukraine and the delusional peace terms of the West and of the cokehead Zelensky.


44 days ago

Tom Winnifrith podcast: The EU Elections, the UK & US elections and Ukraine

I start with the results in Europe and what they mean for Ukraine but also what they hint at in the UK and US elections. In the UK I believe that Reform is now ahead of the Tories in the North, the Midlands, Wales, East Anglia and the South West. I discuss its likely vote (large) and seats (small) and just how few seats the wretched Tories will win. In the US I discuss two now convicted felons: President Trump and Hunter Biden concluding neither conviction alters the November race much but the failing mental health of Hunter’s Dad is becoming more of an issue. I suggest that 4 states considered swing states are now firmly Republican while at leat two, maybe more, considered likely Dem are now “in play”.The polling data looks ever more grim for President Biden and his candidacy in November is increasingly less of a given. In Ukraine it gets worse and worse for Ukraine as I detail.


52 days ago

Tom Winnifrith podcast: the US election after the Stormy Daniels case, the Ukrainian war and the British election as Farage steps up to the plate

I start with Nigel Farage and his decision to lead Reform and stand in Clacton. What does it mean for the results for Reform, Labour and the wretched Tories? I put this in context of a mood of unease and unhappiness across Europe ahead of EU elections this weekend where insurgents will make big gains. I voted Tory last time and was planning to spoil my ballot paper. this time. I may still do that on July 4th but many of us who are disgusted with the entire political class will back Farage. I don’t like some of what he says, notably on immigration. But we should have a debate on that subject and the established parties just won’t allow that.  Then it is to the US where I sense the kangaroo court conviction of Donald Trump does not change the likely outcome. Then to Ukraine where the western media is distracting us again. The real story is not Kharkov but Chasov Yar. That is bad for Ukraine and that, in turn, is bad for Biden and Western leaders some of whose rhetoric is now simply insane.


64 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Postcard: Israel, the ICC and the US election

Normally, in this podcast series, I start with the Ukraine war and how it is going and what that means for the US election. I give Ukraine a few minutes then it is on to Israel, the ICC and its arrest warrants. I explain why it is all wrong and why folks like Labour MP Zara Sultana are either misguided as to facts or Jew haters or both.  President Biden agrees with me but it will not save him in the Election, if indeed he is still running at that point. I discuss an amazing poll out this week and how the Gaza conflict is helpful for Trump not Biden. It is looking ever bleaker for Biden.


69 days ago

Apparently I am guilty of treason for telling the truth, citing facts, on Ukraine

My “crime” for which I should, presumably, be locked in the Tower is to have suggested in THIS ARTICLE that not only was Ukraine losing the war but that it had been losing since last summer and that thed political and media GroupThink had lied about numerous aspects of and events in this war. I cited specific examples of those lies.


70 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Podcast: USA Election and the Russia Ukraine war - the grim news for Presidents Biden and Zelensky accelerates

I start with a few words on President Carter. Then on the ground in Ukraine things are looking ever more grim and that only adds to the woes of President Joe Biden.I discuss some amaing recent poll data on the swing states, three of which now look rock solid red, why blacks and hispanics are swinging towards Trump and wonder what real 5 way polling in Virginia, Minnesota and New Jersey would look like: are these blue states now swing states?


71 days ago

The BBC just lies about the war in Ukraine to cover its tracks

It is not just in Kharkov oblast in the far North East of Ukraine where Russia is advancing. Across the front line only one side is going forward and that side is Russia. Advances are not big but they are steady, day by day, village or part of village by village, the Russians are moving West. Next up, I suspect is the battle for Chasov Yar, the next big town to the west of “fortress” Bakhmut, where Russian troops are advancing pincer like on two fronts and where battles in the outskirts, the “Canal District” are now underway.  Yet the western media is in denial as its past lies catch up with it.



77 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Podcast: Russia, Ukraine, the American election and Stormy Daniels

I start by reminding you all why the war in Ukraine and the US election are so closely tied up and also why I get so angry being lied to. I discuss what is happening on the front line and reports I am hearing of how casualty numbers are far greater than we are being told. Then as Stormy Daniels takes the stand in New York I look at that and other Donald Trump legal cases, a fascinating poll in Wisconsin, who Kennedy is hurting the most and how things look set for November.


85 days ago

Tom Winnifrith podcast: Russia, Ukraine and the American Election

In the latest of these series I start in Ukraine where things are getting rapidly worse for the home team. I look at what is happening and what will happen next. That is linked to the US election where I look at the swing state polls, discuss the Trump show trials and how US voters perceive then, Robert Kennedy jr and who his candidacy hurts most and conclude that things are looking ever better for President Trump. Things can change but as things stand the smart money is so much on trump that I ponder what happens if polling trends continue theoir recent run up to the Democrat convention. Will Biden throw in the twel at that point? What happens then?


108 days ago

Peter Tatchell lives in an Orwellian post truth world when it comes to Russia and the Zaporizhzia nuclear power plant

As you can see below, Peter Tatchell blames President Putin for a drone strike on the Zaporizhzia nuclear power plant in Ukraine, saying it risks a nuclear catastrophe and is a war crime. Folks have flocked to like his tweet.  Those fucking Russians is there nothing they will not do….except…


115 days ago

Getting a barrage of hate for stating a fact, meet the #NAFO loons

On the day Scotland introduces its barking mad new clampdown on free speech, JK Rowling has tweeted a series of images of the type of women born with a penis, including the unhinged India Willoughby stating that they are men. That is a direct challenge to the Scottish Police. Good for JK who is, predictably, being lambasted by a range of loons for stating what, you and I know to be a fact. Meanwhile I also stated and fact and after a barrage of abuse have locked my twitter account. I am not as brave as JK.



116 days ago

Tom Winnifrith podcast: Russia, Ukraine and USA and a flashback to Syria and how we were lied to then

No doubt this will be seen as being Assad as well as Putin apologies. It is neither, it is just I dont like being lied to and misled by the politocal and media class GroupThink. I discuss events in Ukraine and the US election campaign and how, as ever, they are linked.


119 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: reflecting on a past Christmas I spent in Bethlehem, on wars past and present and on why I am bullish about shares if bearish about life

I start with a few thoughts about my faith, one shared with Malcolm, then about disagreeing with bearish Nigel about equities. Then to a Christmas past for myself and Big Nose in Bethlehem and to GroupThink lies about Bethlehem today. Finally to wars past, as recounted HERE, and the war being lost by Ukraine as, sadly, I predicted. I hate war so much. On that sad note, I wish you all a Merry Christmas.


125 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Podcast: feeling depressed about the beating of Rod Liddle in a post fact world, Labour fantasists on the boat people and Robotyne in Ukraine

I start with this tiny village in Ukraine and the blood still being spilled there. It is everything that is worst about this terrible war and which the Western hawks pretend is not happening. Then it is onto Question Time, Rod Liddle, mental health and Labour canards about stopping the boat people. It is all so depressing. 


137 days ago

Tom Winnifrith podcast: USA, Russia and Ukraine, dont believe the media GroupThink: Trump is winning and so is Russia but painfully slowly

I start with the US elections and then as to what is happening and what will happen in the Ukraine war. On both counts the British media are lying to us all. Russia is winning but it is making ground so slowly and at such a cost that threats that it will be in Kiev, let along Poland,  if we do not hand over more cash and arms are just untrue. Meanwhile Trump is still a hot favourite to win.


148 days ago

Tom Winnifrith podcast: USA, Russia and Ukraine, the next episode

In this podcast i cover what is happening on the front line in Ukraine, the panicked and illogical reaction in the West, how a Trump win would force Ukraine’s hand, the Michigan Primaries and the latest polls all of which point more and more to a Trump win in November, what could derail that and what could make it more certain.


151 days ago

Boris Johnson really is a deluded chancer telling obvious lies and with Ukrainian blood on his hands

In the spring of 2022 Ukraine and Russia were ready to start Turkey/Israeli brokered peace talks. But, facing the partygate crisis at home, Boris Johnson bullied Ukraine to fight on. Almost two years later the Ukrainians have lost nearly all of the meagre gains they made in the much vaunted 2023 “counter offensive.” And on all fronts Russia is now advancing, taking out the“fortresses” Bakhmut and Avdiivka and village after village across the line.  The gains are measured in hundreds of metres a day in each area where fighting is underway. They are not huge on a daily basis and each day sees body bags shipped home to both Kiev and to Moscow on a horrible scale. But Stevie Wonder can see that it is Russia that is advancing.  However…


154 days ago

Does David Cameron think we are that stupid?

I suggest that Call Me Dave does indeed think that we oiks are just plain stupid and bring you, as evidence, a tweet he sent yesterday. It is just such nonsense, such a total canard, but I suspect he thinks if he repeats it often enough, the masses will fall for the lies of the media and political class GroupThink. Yes it is Russia again.


160 days ago

Tom Winnifrith podcast: Russia & Ukraine: the impending fall of "fortress" Avdiivka, the death of Alexei Navalny & that Tucker Carlson interview

What is happening in Avdiivka is truly horroble but is being eitther ignored or misreported by the Western press. The death of Navalny is very sad and I do blame President Putin. The Tucker Carlson interview raises interesting questions and the response fromthe GroupThink is predictable. At some stage we will have to force Ukraine to negotiate a peace with Russia which, though you would not believe it if you follow the UK media, is making ground on all fronts. 


162 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Yet again its another win for me and another defeat for crooked Chris Cleverly

In today’s Bearcast I discuss the fraud Tingo (US:TIO), Ariana Resources (AAU) where I disagree with my bullish fellow shareholder Nigel, Victoria (VCP), Gear4Music (G4M) and Argo Blockchain (ARB).. My Ukraine/Russia podcast is HERE


162 days ago

The BBC worship of the late Steve Wright is nauseating given how it sacked him

Like many of you I grew up and grew older listening to Steve Wright on the radio. His death at just 69 yesterday was something I regret and he will be missed. The Mrs. and I still listened to his Sunday morning love songs show. Whether it was right to lead the News last night was Wright’s passing is a matter for debate. My instinct is that the troubles of the Labour Party in Rochdale, events in Gaza and the imminent fall of “fortress” Avdiivka in Ukraine where a couple of thousand Ukrainian troops were cut off yesterday were bigger stories.


171 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Eurasia, Boohoo, Vast and Verditek - all very possible zeros but when?

In today’s podcast I start with another couple of thoughts on the war in Ukraine and why a peace deal could see Eurasia Mining (EUA) have to ‘fess as to the lack of any real bidder and go to zero. I also look at a raft of other possible zeros discussing the reasons why for Verditek (VDTK) where my analysis suggests it is already essentially insolvent, Tintra (TNT), Mosman Oil & Gas (MSMN) and (BOO). I also comment on the pre bailout pump at Guild ESports (GILD) – oh and a new speaker at ShareStock has been announced HERE.


171 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: A tale of two wars and more nonsense from Malcolm

Many folks have not liked what I have written about the Russia Ukraine war but it looks very much as if my prediction on its outcome is coming true and I assess what that means for shares and oil. Then to the Hamas Israel war and I make a couple of calls on how that will go and what that means for gold, oil and Israeli shares. Then onto Malcolm on ethical investing and why he is wrong to ignore bottom up analysis as he hops on another bandwagon.


186 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Podcast: the Doomsday clock, more material Russian gains in Ukraine and the 2023 global warming myth

I report what the media and political GroupThink just are not saying. Russian gains in Ukraine are accelerating, nuclear war is not set for next year  as discussed in this podcast  or in 20 years as the press report today. The Doomsday clock reset coming on Tuesday is laughable and 2023 was almost certaintly NOT the warmest year on record. I reference my article HERE and a cracking piece on the Daily Sceptic HERE


192 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Podcast: America & Russia again, Iowa, President Trump, Ukraine, the Daily Mail predicting WW3 next year

In the second of these Russia and America in 2024 podcasts, the first was HERE and is already playing out, I look at the Iowa result and what it means for Trump, Florida’s De Santis and South Carolina’s Nikki Haley, the latest news from Ukraine and what it means and the Daily Mail being played, as you can see below, with fake news about World War Three.


205 days ago

Some hard data you will find hard to swallow – just how badly is Ukraine losing the war? And do you remember "the triumph" of Robotyne?

Over the Christmas break the western MSM got a real stiffy repeatedly celebrating the downing of 4 Russian bombers over Crimea. It helps the narrative of “more western missiles, tanks, planes and hard cash and Ukraine can win.” But Western taxpayers, paying tax at 70 year highs and facing a cost of living crisis, should look at the real data and it may come as a bit of a shock.



211 days ago

Tom Winnifrith podcast: Russia and the USA in 2024

From the war in Ukraine to the General Election next year. Will the war end? Will Donald Trump win the Presidency again? For the avoidance of doubt I’d like to see President Tulsi Gabbard but it will not happen and I am not a Putin apologist just a realist. Ukraine is losing.


254 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Podcast: I'm still no Putin apologist, but I was right all along, you were lied to and Ukraine is losing its war with Russia

I have to start with usual prefaces: I am no Putin apologist, he was wrong to invade Ukraine. But I hate all wars and also being lied to by a media and political class GroupThink and – as I have flagged up on this site numerous times – we were all lied to.  I called out those lies. Many smeared me as a Putin apologist for doing so. I hope now they see the error of their ways. The harsh reality is that Ukraine is now losing ground and running out of men and women to fight for it. I explain various reasons why there has to be a peace and I curse folks like Boris Johnson who prolonged this war for two years so needlessly. They have blood on their hands.


374 days ago

Video: A Second, More Powerful Wave of Inflation is Coming

Financier and mining entrepreneur Simon Hunt has a slew of dire warnings on everything from inflation to what may happen in Ukraine.


401 days ago

The Daily Mail shows live footage of Russian soldiers being shot – so what you say? It tells you everything

I am afraid I do not get much of a kick out of one human being killing another. I like to think that we as a species have evolved from the days when we used to go to watch gladiators killing each other or Christians thrown to the Lions. But maybe we have not. Maybe we can “other” certain races and still enjoy those maulings and deaths.


406 days ago

Tom Winnifrith postcard on the Ukraine Spring, sorry, Counter-offensive

You may not like this podcast as it contains a number of matters which the Western Media GroupThink and our grubby political class refuse to acknowledge and which relate to the map below.


430 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Postcard: Fortress Bakhmut has fallen to Russia - how long are you happy to be lied to and to give a blank cheque to Ukraine?

I preface this by condemning the Russian invasion and President Putin. I am no apologist but I am a realist. I ask you to consider the real and proportionate scale of losses in this war, if you are happy being lied to by Ukraine as well as Russia and if you are happy to keep writing blank cheques. Finally I offer a scenario by when after a few more blank cheques and much more bloodshed, the West forces Ukraine to cave. Will you consider that money and blood well spent?


435 days ago

Flag Flyer is a term of abuse in Britain unless it's this flag!

I noted the other day how those in the liberal political and media elites have, for years, sneared at anyone flying the  Union Flag. Indeed, I think, the term flag waver actually became a term of abuse at some point amomng those who tend to have #FBPE in their twitter handles. But at least the UK does not spaff taxpayers cash on a “Flags team.” Unlike …


458 days ago

The Truth is the first casualty of war – try two twitter searches: #Bakhmut and #Artemovsk

Here in Britain, we are constantly fed the narrative that Ukraine is on the verge of winning, spring offensive, just another billion bucks in aid and some Chieftain tanks yadda, yadda yadda.  From what I can see the jury is out on that narrative and the media, in war – even when it is not your war – is always wrong. So, try out this twitter search and see what you think.


463 days ago

Guess which country in Europe has most refugees from Ukraine?

The table below has the answer. We all know, becuase the media Groupthink and the politicians all tell us, that Russia is pure evil and the Ukrainians are white than the drven snow that President Zelensky is alleged to have rammed up his nose. So…


465 days ago

Tom Winnifrith postcard: As Kosovans stand trial, a few lessons about Ukraine, the Western Media and political GroupThink and war crimes

I am NOT a Putin apologist, or a Serb apologist or a denier of Russian war crimes. But in light of what is finally happening with regards to KLA actions in Kosovo 20 years ago and how the media covered that horrible war, might you not think twice about how what is happening in Ukraine is presented?


490 days ago

Britain sending depleted uranium shells to Ukraine should be a war crime – Russia is right

In these Russiaphobic times many will see this article as proof that I am a Putin apologist. I am not. The invasion of Ukraine was wrong, and I am sure that, while both sides have committed war crimes in this war, Ukraine as well as Russia, it is the latter whose sins are greater. But that is not a reason for Britain to supply depleted Uranium tank shells to Ukraine. Iraq and the Yugoslav wars show just how horrible these weapons are.


496 days ago

Pray for Caroline Kenyon for her #BrexitDerangementSyndrome is one of the most severe cases ever seen

As an assistant to the leader of the Lib Dems in the house of Lords we might not be too surprised that poor Caroline has caught a case of #BrexitDerangementSyndrome. One imagines there is a lot of it going around in the offices or Lord Newby. Whoever he is. But we should not mock Caroline but should pray for her as her level of sickness is off the scale.


517 days ago

When opening the window at 11 AM and playing this appropriate music is a revolutionary act

The Government of Britain issued a diktat that we should all observe a minute’s silence at 11 AM today to mark a year since the, wholly wrong, Russian invasion of Ukraine.  Britain is not at war. British young people are not dying in the trenches yet the Government has appropriated a symbolic gesture at a symbolic time to justify our acts.


536 days ago

Revealed:Lucian Miers’s UK shorts, big and small – 1 a zero by end February

Yesterday, as I am in the grim North, I met up for a quick pint with Lucian Miers at a boozer which had the most abominable customer service I have encountered in years. Hell’s teeth they made Darren Atwater’s approach to customer service and that of the entire French population, seem Nobel prize winning. I digress. After discussing historic abuse at public schools we moved on to Ukraine and then to Lucian’s portfolio of shorts.


538 days ago

“Othering,” Holocaust Memorial Day and the Russians

On Holocaust Memorial Day, expert after expert went onto the airwaves to insist that what happened to the Jews started with the “othering” of them as a minority by the Nazis. Othering is a ghastly world created by Guardian reading sociologists, like my wife, but essentially it means depicting as distinct as a precursor to demonisation.


542 days ago

The Victims of War on BBC Radio 4 – Do not mention the Ukrainian Nazis!

There were three historians on this show discussing the holocaust. Dan Stone and Catherine Merridale and a chap called Bernard Wasserstein.  Stone has recently published a book on how folks in countries across Europe assisted or took part in the murder of six million Jews. Among those were the parents and family of Mr Wasserstein who were butchered in a village in Western Ukraine.


545 days ago

Banning the Russians from Holocaust Remembrance Day as we rewrite history just as the Nazis did

Its 2023 so everything has to be a political statement about what is happening now, even when it is remembering events of 78 years ago, the liberation of Auschwitz. And so, on Holocaust Remembrance day we all look back and remember.


555 days ago

BREAKING: Ukraine gets ready to steal assets of Enwell Energy

You are not allowed to say this these days but Ukraine is an incredibly corrupt country, normally ranking 2nd in Europe after Russia for dishonesty. So let me first say Slava Ukraini and that we should carry on sending UK taxpayers cash to President Zelensky’s Swiss bank account for as long as he wants. That was a joke BYW. Back to Enwell Energy (ENW) which looks to be well and truly in the merde.


561 days ago

The 30 most read articles of 2022 on

For what it is worth these are the 30 most read articles on this website during 2022. And there are some bloody good pieces here using the sort of hard data that the mainstream media ignores as it carries on spouting GroupThink gibberish. Enjoy.


599 days ago

100,000 killed or maimed Ukrainian troops – shocking, little-reported, news back in Airstrip One

The British mainstream media, led by the appalling Daily Mail has, from the start of the war in Ukraine bigged up Russian Casualties, bathing in the blood of every dead Russian. Day after day there are videos straight from Kiev showing Ukrainian snipers getting kills at record distances, drones blowing up Russian tanks or some other heroic act meaning more Russian mothers will be mourning their sons this Christmas. But there is a big omission.


607 days ago

Ukraine rewrites history – Holodomor was not genocide, more lies from Kiev

In these days when every comment about Ukraine can see one black-listed by someone, I find myself having to preface this article by saying that I am no apologist for either President Putin or for Joe Stalin. However, having tried for the past year to re-write the present with the ghost of Kiev, the Auschwitz style gold teeth and other spoofs, Ukraine is now trying the most monstrous rewrite of history, a claim that the Holodomor was an act of Russian genocide.  The clear implication is that Russians like genocide against Ukrainians. The tweet below sets the case.


612 days ago

When will the West tire of mad and bad President Zelensky as he “attacks” Poland?

Of course, Ukraine did not deliberately attack Poland. But last night two missiles landed a few miles away from the border with Ukraine killing two. Immediately, President Zelensky blamed Russia and urged NATO to stand by a member state and retaliate, to invoke clause 5. To start World War Three.  The Daily Mail was still trying to blame the Russians and talking up WW3 this morning. It drank the war whisky without hesitation. But, thankfully, saner minds and the truth prevailed.


613 days ago

Surely everyone can see that Russia has a legitimate point over #fakenews at the ghastly Daily Telegraph?

Yesterday I made the mistake of pointing out that when Ukraine’s President and his fellow leaders of the second most corrupt country in Europe (after Russia) said that a Russian missile had hit Poland, killing two Poles, and that NATO must collectively respond, this was a lie. Not just any old lie but a lie that could have lead to World War Three so a rather dangerous one. Naturally, on twitter and elsewhere, folks responded by saying that I must be a Putin apologist, supporting Russia’s invasion and it shooting down an airliner in 2014.  Of course, I am not an apologist and I do not support either, wholly unwarranted, military action. But that sort of smear is what happens when you write facts exposing folks who are lying in 2022. It is what always happens when you are not part of the GroupThink. The wretched Daily Telegraph, one upon a time a half decent newspaper, is now part of the GroupThink…


629 days ago

Shameful: The Daily Mail delights in reporting almost 1000 Russian soldiers killed in one day

As always in commenting on events in Ukraine I have to flag up at the start that Russia was wrong to invade since in the current febrile atmosphere not doing so sees one branded a Putin apologist. And that means that you are questioned if you dare to challenge what is almost certainly fake news and, on this conflict, in Briitain, the Daily Mail is the biggest villain on that score.


654 days ago

Shamefully the West and its media cheers on every Russian death and we are horrified when Russians do not!

I can never understand when folks cheer on the untimely death of their fellow man. But day after day we are treated by the Western media to videos of Russian tanks being blown up and articles delighting in how many Russian dead now lie on the fields of Ukraine. I am in no doubt that some of those soldiers dying horrible deaths were bad men who did very bad things. But many, probably the vast majority, were just young men fighting what they were told (wrongly) was a just war and fighting by Geneva rules. Why should we celebrate their deaths?


654 days ago

Happy Birthday Uncle Christopher Booker

My late uncle had a facebook page, thanks to his eldest son and, though he died more than three years ago, I wake up to a reminder to wish him Happy Birthday. He would have been 85 today and would, no doubt, have thought the world had become an even sillier place since his death. For starters there have been massive advances in the numbers of women with penises ands facial hair over the past three years. And our Universities have made great strides in purging Shakespeare and other dead white authors from the curriculum and eradicating folks with any link, however obscure to the evils of colonialism from the history books. All hail progress!


654 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Snopes raises massive questions for KPMG, Nomad Peel Hunt, the idiots at AIM Regulation, the SNP et al

I refer to this amazing exposé by Snopes HERE into Max Polyakov, Ukraine’s Elon Musk. Why does it matter: I recall Cupid and the great establishment cover up.  Thjis is crime plain and simple and the board knew about it and covered it up. KPMG covered it up. The Nomad did nothing and so too did the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation. The SNP has been lobbying hard for Polyakov. They are all beneath contempt. Then I ask if share buying at Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) is legit. It is. Then I discuss why a whistleblower may or may not have a story about another AIM company, look at (MADE), Sosandar (SOS), Tern (TERN) and Bidstack (BIDS): two placings , one a pea shooter, one possibly (but probably not) a bazooka.


692 days ago

Back to the 1970s and Butterwell Farm as the media predicts thousands of deaths from cold this winter

I am not denying that the fuel crisis will hit a lot of folks hard this winter. If our entire political and media class had not driven this nation down the path prescribed by the uneducated doom goblin Greta Thunberg and had we not prolonged the bloodshed in Ukraine we would not be in this mess. But that is for another day. The GroupThink will – on both counts – be shown to be in the wrong just as they were on masks and lockdown. But will thousands die in unheated homes as we are told by the media and the Labour Party each day? I remember my childhood in the 1970s.


704 days ago

When the Government says that soaring electricity prices are down to Ukraine, the graphic that shows they are lying

If it was just down to Ukraine or printing vast amounts of new money all of Western Europe would be in the same mess. But it is not as the graphic below demonstrates. UK electricity is vastly more expensive than anywhere else in Europe? Why?


722 days ago

Before you slam Jeremy Corbyn on Ukraine – what is your plan?

Today’s Emmanuel Goldstein in the two minute hate on social media, in the MSM and at Westminster is, not for the first time, Jeremy Corbyn. His “crime” is suggesting that the UK should not be sending any more weapons and cash to Ukraine. Before you condemn the Marxist old loon what is your alternative?


725 days ago

Tom Winnifrith postcard - are you really happy being lied to?

Monkey Pox, covid, Ukraine, Russia, Iraq, university entrance by race and class, tax cuts. You are being lied to and nobody seems to care. I do.


821 days ago

Ferrexpo – 2021 results, continuing to operate in Ukraine and Waseem Shakoor is buying, we agree: BUY

Iron ore pellet producer, Ferrexpo (FXPO), has announced results for the 2021 calendar year, and that it has continued to operate, launching a significant humanitarian programme to assist those directly impacted by the Russian invasion.


827 days ago

Comedian Lee Hurst nails shy Evie, the bleating millenial lesbian

I seem to remember that, for some frightful faux pas, the comedian, Lee Hurst, has been no-platformed from various venues. His real problem is that he is not only funny, but also rather right-wing, which are the two reasons why you never see him on TV or hear him on what Radio 4 calls, in a blatant breach of the trade description laws, comedy shows. Yesterday, Mr Hurst utterly nailed a woman called Evie, gender she/they, a keen mask-wearer and a lesbian.


829 days ago

So what if mug punters are piling into Russian miner Polymetal?

Apparently, the most popular share amongst retail investors is Polymetal (POLY). Although shares have plunged by 80% since the invasion, it seems Joe Public cannot buy enough of them.


831 days ago

Ferrexpo – continuing production and sales despite its operations being in Ukraine

Iron-ore pellets producer, Ferrexpo (FXPO), has announced – despite operational constraints following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine - “production of 2.7 million tonnes in the first quarter of 2022, representing a figure in line with the same period in 2021, and 11% below the previous quarter… Sales in 1Q 2022 of 2.6 million tonnes… net cash position of approximately US$159 million”.


842 days ago

Video: We Stand on the Gold Launchpad

Investor, Lawrence Lepard, states that Russia’s actions will likely drive the price of gold, as we’ve reached a tipping point not unlike in the 1970s. Putin is hitting back economically: the theft of reserves was a clear warning to many countries. Thus, the Ukraine/Russia conflict is not only military but economic.


848 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: How do you keep an idiot in suspense?

Only kidding Elric, the bit about Optibiotix (OPTI) is at the end. Before that I discuss bear market funding economics (it is more interesting than it sounds) c/o Luke Johnson, Russia & Ukraine, ADM Energy (ADME) and its pre bailout placing spoof, Vast Resources (VAST), Versarien (VRS) and then matters to keep Mr Lemming happy.  


851 days ago

The Mrs and so many others rush to defend war crimes in Ukraine, and the "Russia targets civilians" myth

Anyone dissenting from the GroupThink frenzy – one whipped up by our leaders and the mainstream media – is dismissed as a Putin asset, a Russian poodle and an apologist for fascism. Thus, one must believe that Ukraine is the epitome of angelicity, and that Putin is indeed committing war crimes against civilians, the likes of which we have not seen since World War Two.


855 days ago

Imperial Brands – “Update on Russia and Revised Guidance”, Buy

Imperial Brands (IMB) has announced an update on its actions and impact of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, concluding on Russia “an orderly transfer of our business as a going concern would be in the best interests… have begun negotiations with a local third party about a transfer”.


855 days ago

It’s safer to stick to small caps as a bear and this is the next Omega

There now seem to be serious peace talks in Ukraine with both sides, apparently, prepared to give a little to stop the bloodshed. I know too many folks are beating the war drums and bursting with pride every time a British missile takes out a Russian tank but they are mistaken as I explained in a podcast HERE. As a human being I pray for peace and an end to the killing. If there is peace all stocks will melt up, but especially the big caps.


856 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Peace in our Time? And 3 Brains is wrong!

I discuss the latest developments in Ukraine. Then I move on to Fevertree (FEVR), Tern (TERN), Braveheart (BRH), Iofina (IOF)  and the fraud Chill Brands (CHLL) and the bucket shop based maths based on liquidity, or rather the lack of it. 


856 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: 2 bigger threats to share prices than what is happening in Ukraine

I discuss those threats and at a company level I add commentary on Nightcap (NGHT), Cake Box (CBOX) Chill Brands (CHLL), Cellular Goods (CBX) and Supply@ME Capital (SYME)


865 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Optibiotix & chatting to Steve O'Hara as Lemming Investor walks away

There was no Bearcast yesterday as I was a) knackered after a tough Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks training walk and then b) a bit pissed after Ireland’s triumph over the infidels. You can now donate to the 2022 Rogue Bloggers walk on June 11 HERE. In today’s podcast I discuss Optibiotix (OPTI), a long chat with Steve O’Hara and an, in my view, mistaken, but for him massive, call by Lemming Investor. I also cover SkinBiotherapeutics (SBTX). The Russia/Ukraine podcast I refer to is HERE


865 days ago

Stocks like Cineworld are NOT Ukraine Binary Bets whatever Mr Market says

I see that amid some optimism that we might see peace in Ukraine the FTSE 100 is staging a bit of a rally as I write.  And with that all sorts of stocks among the small and mid-caps are heading higher. Of course, I pray for peace. If we get it then all stocks will be marked higher but for how long?


865 days ago

Tom Winnifrith podcast in this Russiaphobic era, some uncomfortable truths for we in the West on the bloody war we cheer on in the Ukraine

I am not a Russian asset and I deplore the Russian invasion but we are not looking at the whole picture and we are being lied to by all sides. I invite you to consider a number of very uncomfortable truths you will not see discussed on the BBC or in the deadwood press. 


865 days ago

Demographics in Europe country by country - a timebomb out East

The map below is fascinating. It shows the first year when each country in Europe reached its population in 2021. In the case of Ireland it was 1825. Then came the famine and mass migration took place.  For Northern and Western Europe, with the assistance of mass immigration, the answer is 2021. But look further East and what you see is explosive and might be one explanation of events in Ukraine and Russia. 


867 days ago

Every Cloud has a silver lining – Lyin’ Steve Sanderson jumps on board the Ukrainian bandwagon

So what if women and children are being blown to shreds in Kiev. The “good” thing about that war is that it means we must stop using oil and gas produced by the evil Russians – we don’t use much anyway – and thus need to turn to UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) run by Lyin’ Steve Sanderson to bail us out. Talking of which, I wonder how the placing is going…


867 days ago

Video: Politicians swinging from lamposts, mass starvation, a mammoth European recession - and that is the best case scenario

Again I present this as a counter viewto a one way traffic in the MSM. I can’t say that I agreewith all of what follows. Libertarian commentator Tom Luongo does not hold back.For starters he believes social media should be reserved exclusively for puppy and unicorn videos. As a hardcore libertarian he believes in human rights and is therefore against war as a matter of principle. Wars support the state and they are the worst possible outcome of human interaction.  He says that the Ukraine war is full of disinformation and bias from the media and as always the first casualty in war is the truth and that Russia appears to generally be less biased in its reporting. The Russians feel this is the least bad action they can take regarding Ukraine at this time.


868 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: C'mon Peterhouse don't be such cowards - answer the questions!

What does your listed client have to hide? The truth I suspect. But two days of silence on this Standard listed POS really is not good.  I look at what is happening in Ukraine and what happens next and suggest that some Ukranians are now not being sensible or reasonable. I cover Omega Diagnostics (ODX), Amigo (AMGO), Guild ESports (GILD) and Predator Oil & Gas (PRD).


869 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: A duff Nigel Wray call & Parsley Box needs to 'fess ASAP

I start with a recovered Joshua learming a new word. Then it is onto Gfinity (GFIN) and Nigel Wray, Guild ESports (GILD), Parlsey Box (MEAL), the markets and Ukraine, Chill Brands (CHLL) – the day’s biggest gainer (pro tem), a true dead cat bounce and Cineworld (CINE).  There is also a history lesson for GCSE student, our in house Euro loon, my friend, Jonathan Price.


869 days ago

Petropavlovsk - morally bankrupt, shareholders should feel dirty

Petropavlovsk (POG) has today issued a statement “Events in Ukraine.” After this I would feel dirty owning its shares, it shows a company that is morally bankrupt.


869 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: two penny dreadfuls dying a slow death

I am shortly off to Tesco then will be in action as the family cook. Ahead of that I look at Deepverge (DVRG) run by the arse Gerry Brandon, wondering which will come first, the next trading warning or the next bailout placing, at Mirriad (MIRI) where I disagree with comrade Stacey, Amigo (AMGO), Chill Brands (CHLL), Jubilee Metals (JLP), Supply@ME Capital (SYME), Cellular Goods (CBX), oil, gold and Ukraine and finally at Argo Blockchain’s (ARB) latest news. 


869 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: The rank Nigel Farage hypocrisy, Hitchens, Syed, Nimmo and the great Chris Bailey

I take a tour through four weekend press articles starting with that greedy scumbag Nigel Farage – I refer in the podcast to THIS PIECE. Then to two great pieces on Ukraine and on the decadent West by Peter Hitchens and Matthew Syed respectvely before discussing the Sunday Times article on CBD and pot stocks. Finally I discuss Chris Bailey’s excellent piece on this website and my own approach to shares I own, mentioning Skinbiotherapeutics (SBTX) and some news breaking in the USA.


870 days ago

The Vagina Museum celebrates #InternationalWomensDay by talking about "women" with no vaginas

At the bottom of the pyramid of victimhood are women and at the top are folks with pensises who demand that we call them women. And so the total waste of space that is the Vagina Museum, in East London, will celebrate this day by celebrating women who don’t have vaginas. How very 2022.  Meanwhile in Ukraine 


873 days ago

Video: Fed’s Actions Could Push Gold Past $2300 this Year

Forget Ukraine it is not the real driver of the bull case for gold. Analyst Keith Weiner explains what is and why the makes him a gold bull.


873 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: China the peacemaker? Power shifts out East as the West wallows in woke degeneracy

I start with events in Ukraine and possible peace and where that leaves some Russian owned stocks.  Then I turn to Ncondezi (NCCL) and then a detailed explanation of why today’s Versarien (VRS) analysis matters but also why the cash crunch is coming far sooner than most morons realise and the next bailout for the loathsome Ricketts will not be pretty. And then I ask where next for gold and oil prices and stocks?


874 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Who has been swimming with no trunks and Ukraine musings

I start with events in Ukraine and offer a few thoughts. But I also look at a few companies notably Eurasia Mining (EUA), Versarien (VRS), ADVFN (AFN)  – one of which is, I think, a buy – and also, en passant, the fraud that is Supply@ME Capital (SYME) and in the context of bitcoin tanking, Argo Blockchain (ARB).


883 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: The Mrs is a"blackleg" - how very proud of her I am!

I start with a few thoughts on flooded fields then on where next for Julie “Lingerie on Expenses” Meyer after yesterday’s six months in jail (suspended pro tem) bombshell.I fear that things are very soon going to ge much worse for her.  Then onto Ukraine and panic, oil and gold. Then onto Hargreaves Lansdowne (HL) and finally as to why I am so proud of the Mrs which is,in a way, linked to Hargreaves.


883 days ago

Eurasia Mining, the Ukraine and game theory

So Russian troops have” invaded” the Ukraine. Well to be accurate they have entered the two districts which are overwhelmingly Russian and where the folks almost certainly want to be part of Russia. And to be totally accurate, Russian troops have actually already been there since 2014. But listening to the BBC earlier let’s not get inconvenient facts get in the way: Britain, the EU and the USA are already imposing sanctions. So where does this leave Eurasia Mining (EUA), shares in which are off another 12% to 16.25p – almost 60% down from peak ramp 14 months ago and heading rapidly for an 18 month low?


884 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: How to play Ukraine and what to believe about what is happening? A detailed rebuttal of my Shield critics and THE crypto short

I start with some thoughts on Ukraine and Russia which some of you may disagree with. Perhaps what is happening there will be a handy excuse for Eurasia Mining (EUA) to ‘fess up to the lack of bid? Then onto how bitcoin and other cryptos are faring as a safe haven right now. And why that makes Argo Blockchain (ARB) such a monumental sell. It could utterly implode. I see that more than 25% of posts on the ADVFN Bulletn Board,a few hours ago,were on Shield Therapeutics (STX) with nearly all of them slating me for all the usual reasons. I do not play the man here even though my critics do seem to have the collective IQ of a Cheese sandwich, but the ball and answer each of the bull points made to rebut my bear thesis in turn.


892 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: WW3, Inflation and Tern vs Omega, similar deceit in the portfolio of death

I comment on a kind post one of you made on the LSE Asylum. In today’s Poirot on Channel 10 he had tired of fighting crime in the City and retired to tend his garden. I know how he feels. I discuss events in Ukraine, inflation and how it those who dismiss the damage it causes, Comrade Stacey, are wrong. Then I look at a BB portfolio of death, something for tomorrow’s bearcast. Two stocks which were both in it are Omega (ODX) and Tern (TERN). After last week’s collapse Omega may now be out – though I certainly would not buy. I discuss the common trait of how both mislead investors. I discuss how all folks should own some oil, a point I have made before, naming the 2 oil stocks I own.


913 days ago

Video: Energy Crisis will drive gold to new highs

I cannot help but think that unfolding events in the Ukraine are going to be positive for both gold and oil in the coming weeks. But that is not the thesis of analyst Steve St. Angelo of the SRSrocco Report. Steve seeks to show how energy can impact the price of gold and why it essentially sets a floor for the metal. He argues that the foundation of our global economy is the cost to produce goods and there has to be a profit margin: Everything has a margin but unfortunately, investors often forget this factor when evaluating charts.


913 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: what about World War 3 and the Ukraine & why Zak's cunning plan will not work

I start by considering events in the Ukraine where my sympathies are, naturally, with Mother Russia but what could it all lead to? Then I consider why shares in Zak Mir’s Lift Ventures might fly but why his plan is flawed.  Then onto THG (THG), Deepverge (DVRG) and Union Jack (UJO) and CEOs who say the shares are too cheap too often or who “fear” a takeover at this price. 


1632 days ago

BBC stalwart Jon Sopel, whose #TrumpDerangementSyndrome is particularly acute: you cannot be serious

The impeachment of Donald Trump will soon draw to a close having been a farce from the outset. The same sort of folks who said that POTUS would have to be impeached and found guilty over Russian collusion, only for that to be dropped as there was zero evidence, then impeached him on Ukranian matters without producing one single witness with first hand evidence. Hearsay from often dubuious sources, will never score a conviction. But if you listened to the BBC’s North American correspondent Jon Sopel, who has an incredibly severe case of #TrumpderangementSyndrome, none of this would be apparent.


2325 days ago

Russia: Jeremy Corbyn is right

This will not make me popular but I have to say that my fellow Russianophile and guest on RT, comrade Jeremy Corbyn, is taking the correct, if massively unpopular line on the alleged Russian Chemical attack in Salisbury. I don't care if old Jezza is still on the payroll of the Czech secret police he is right.


2731 days ago

Donald Trump and the Doomsday Clock: The liberal media laps up fake news "the man will kill us all"

Since 1947 The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists have once a year recalibrated an imaginary Doomsday Clock tracking how close we are to midnight, the point at which man destroys the planet. To mark the election of Donald Trump the clock was pushed forward 30 seconds to two and a half minutes to midnight. How the Guardian, Channel 4 and the BBC loved it "He's going to kill us all". Did any of these screaming hysterical liberals watch the last episode of the current series of Endeavour?


2993 days ago

Ukraine wins Eurovision, its a bit political so here's what Russia should enter next year

As Ben Elton would say, " a bit political, a bit political." Isn't it sweet the people of Europe sending a message that we don't like Russia and that the Ukranians are all really nice folk? How right the EU was to meddle and ensure that the democratically elected rulers were replaced by a bunch of ultra nationalists supported by, inter alia, large numbers of Jew hating Nazis, which as their first act made Russian speakers second class citizens, thereby provoking an inevitable civil war. Oh, sorry we are not meant to mention the second bit are we. That is the inconvenient truth the twits who rave about last night's Eurovision campfest gloss over.

So I have a song for Russia to enter next year just to put the record straight


2998 days ago

David Cameron, the Heir to Blair - today's Brexit lie about World war three is just fantasty lying

I cannot remember when I first described David Cameron as the heir to Blair. I think it was in 2012 but it may have been at the time of the funeral of Lady Thatcher, whose shoes Dodgy Dave is not fit to lick. Today's comments on Brexit are fantasy lying league stuff which is right up their with with the war criminal Blair's comments on Weapons of Mass Destruction.


3031 days ago

The Dutch stick two fingers up to the EU, the bullshit excuses flow thick & fast: Newspeak 1984 from Brussels

And so the Dutch referendum on the EU's Trade treaty with the Jew hating Government of the Ukraine has seen a resounding 64% no vote - the opinion polls again under-estimated scepticism as some "shy voters" did not dare admit to politically incorrect views in liberal Holland. Naturally the EU and the Dutch "inners" were across the media last night explaining why this vote does not appear what it seems. It was a classic of Orwellian newspeak. Thus we were told:

The turnout was low (32%) and a spokesman for the inners told Newsnight that most of those who did not vote were on his side. So really it was a win for the EU.



3032 days ago

Will the Dutch People stick two fingers up to the EU today? My fingers are crossed

The Dutch are holding the sort of referendum the EU loves today. That is to say the result is non-binding so if the little people vote the "wrong way" their leaders in Holland and their masters at the EU can go ahead and do what they want and ignore them anyway. Welcome to democracy EU style. But the vote could be a snub to Brussels and for that reason lets pray for a No result.


3783 days ago

Democracy Crimea Style vs. Democracy EU Style

The EU and USA are not recognising the referendum in Crimea. In both zones the political classes simply fail to understand that democracy is the will of the people and that for almost 100 years an abiding principle of international law has been the principle of self-determination.

My sympathies in the Ukraine have always been with Putin and Russia not the meddlers of the EU who created this mess.

Today I feel more strongly as ever on this matter.

The referendum in the Crimea was not perfect. I am not sure that 95% of Crimeans really wanted to rejoin Russia. But the vast majority clearly did. And as such let the people have their say.

In contrast when the people of, say, Ireland have voted no to the concentration of powers within the EU, the leaders of the Evil Empire have simply bullied them and told them to think again. 

In Kosovo the 1991 referendum was clearly somewhat flawed. Would you as a minority Serbian have rushed back to your burned out village to vote? But most Kosovans wanted to be free of Serbia – that was clear and so the EU recognised the result. Natch the EU did not recognise referendums held in Northern Kosovan districts in 2012 which – with a Serbian majority population - voted to leave Kosovo.

For the EU referendums are only valid if the little people vote the right way. Otherwise they are either not recognised or the little people are told to vote again. This is not democracy. What has happened in Crimea is democracy. And as such we should be supporting it and the principle of self-determination without reservation.

The UK should today be imposing sanctions on Belgium and confiscating the assets of anyone employed by the Evil Empire at a senior level in order to show our support for democracy and self-determination and our opposition to those who seek to deny the wishes of the people if those wishes are “inconvenient.”



3790 days ago

Ukrproduct – Read between the Lines of Trading Statement: Anyone not selling is insane

I warned the other day that the situation in Ukraine could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for AIM Cesspit listed drowning in debt dairy products group Ukrproduct (UKR). Read between the lines of a trading statement today and if you own this stock you should flee for the exit ASAP.


3791 days ago

Weekly Prize Caption Contest: Peace & Love on its way to the EU’s fave murderous Islamofascist regime edition

It did not gain much coverage in the UK press but last week the Israeli Navy intercepted a boat called the Klos C which was on its way from Iran, carrying a very special cargo, ultimately destined for the Hamas regime in Gaza.

This is the regime which receives vast amounts of funding from the EU every year. It is a regime which, according to the EU and other apologists for any crime committed against Israel is peace living and only acts in defence. So what was the Klos C carrying?

It was carrying missiles with the ability to hit any spot within the State of Israel and to kill Jews. For that is what Hamas is committed to. Of course when the Israeli Defence Forces intercepts ships with cargos ultimately bound for Gaza to stop deathly weapons getting through this is viewed as an act of aggression by its apologists in the West.

And so I ask you for suitable captions for this picture, the winner getting a discount voucher to Maribelle's

For what it is worth my entry is: “Fresh from creating harmony to the Ukraine, EU foreign minister Baroness Ashton issues a message of thanks to the people of Iran for their assistance in creating a one-state final solution to the problems in Palestine.”

Last week I asked you for captions to this picture of a man born with a silver spoon in his mouth who has never done a useful day’s work in his life and also of Prince Phillip.

The impartial judge (my cat Tara) reckons that the best entry came from me, viz:

 "Okay that is Fergie taken care of now where should we put Boris Johnson?"

I hope that you can do better than me this week – post your entries in the comments section below.


3795 days ago

EU to Offer 11 billion Euro in aid to Ukraine – with what ffing cash?

The democratically elected President of Ukraine was a prize rotter but was ousted in a coup. The EU supported that coup because the old guy was not so keen on joining the warm embrace of the EU.

The Ukraine is bankrupt. It is set to default on its debts because a) its bloated Government spends too much, b) it was and probably still is run by crooks.

Large parts of the Ukraine do not want to join the EU. Sadly those large parts are generally the economically viable Russian speaking parts in the East. It is the unviable Western bits that wish to sign up to the joys of the EU. And, having prompted this mess with its meddling, the EU now wishes to send 11 billion Euro off out east. But hang on a sec? The EU has its own deficit. It has only just asked the UK to pony up an extra couple of billion quid to cover that black hole.  Several of its existing members (Greece, Spain, Italy, etc) are themselves bust.

Where is this 11 billion coming from? The bloody Money Tree of course. That is to say taxpayers in the not yet bust EU countries now. And future generations of taxpayers in any EU country that is still solvent in years to come.

Grotesquely overpaid politicians love spending other folk’s cash and the EU serves up the worst offenders in this respect – step forward Cathy Ashton, for example. When will it learn its lesson: a) stop meddling outside the EU, b) sort out your own near-terminal problems before trying to fix those of others?

The EU fostered the coup and now wishes to send your cash to support a regime containing a good sprinkling of Jew hating neo-Nazis.  It should instead be apologising, firing the lead meddlers and allowing Ukraine to go bust and market forces to work their magic.

Which country has done better since it faced bankruptcy Greece or Iceland. The former gets the EU bailouts, the crooks stay in charge and is still bust with its population facing economic Armageddon. The latter went bust, sent the crooks to gaol, reconstructed and is now the fastest growing economy in Europe.

 I guess Ukraine wishes to follow the Greek model.



3797 days ago

UKRProduct – the Ukraine straw that breaks the Camel’s back

UKR Product (UKR) is an AIM listed company with a curious attitude to corporate governance (see here) and which is drowning in debt. In its most recent trading statement (i.e. profits warning) it said that debt was manageable if it saw an improvement in trading in 2014. Er…have you checked Sky News recently? 

Yes, the company is a producer of dairy products in that current must visit holiday hotspot the Ukraine. It strikes me that the business climate out East might be a bit troubled right now. And it is not as if this loss-making company was in anything other than a very poor financial state before as I explained HERE.

As of today, bank withdrawals had been limited to $100 to stop a run on the banks. Those who should be working the fields have just been called up to the army. The PM says Ukraine is at war with Russia. Do I need to go on?


3798 days ago

Weekly Video Postcard #56: Ukraine, blowback, UKIP and the Euros

Tom Winnifrith returns with a video postcard which inevitably starts with Ukraine and the concept of blowback.

Tom refers to his strong sympathy for President Putin & Russia which he explains in detail HERE

But he goes on to discuss the wider idea of blowback – a Ron Paul concept – and how it marks the failed foreign policy of the West and has to stop.

Tom also covers the UKIP Spring conference – it lamentable failings in policy areas but Tom ends with a concession that he will probably vote UKIP anyway on May 22nd. He explains why.

Tom’s financial postcard covers Ukraine and the probably market sell off Monday. Is this a buying opportunity? No! Tom also covers lunacy in tech valuations and Warren Buffett and sex. It can be viewed HERE


3798 days ago

Ukraine – My Sympathies are Almost Entirely with Putin & Russia not the meddlers of the West

I doubt that this will be popular but the mess that is the Ukraine today is not the fault of Russia but of liberal leaders in the West who just cannot stop meddling in other folk’s affairs. As for the response of Vladimir Putin and Russia, I have every sympathy with the old tyrant. On this occasion his actions are utterly defensible.

Let’s start with the overthrow of the crooked former President Yanukovych. There is no doubt that he was looting state coffers and was not a very nice man. He was, however, democratically elected. The EU has been trying to get the Ukraine into its orbit with a treaty of co-operation for a couple of years. The President was not helpful. So the West meddles.

The West does not really understand that the Ukraine is not exactly a homogenous block. It should perhaps have looked back to the last War when most Ukrainians fought alongside the Russians but a good number fought either for an Independent Ukraine or actually fought with Germany.  But heck that is history so who cares, the EU marches on.

And so we supported tacitly and indeed verbally those who wished to overthrow the President. Senior EU politicians flocked to Ukraine to offer support. Why? It was none of our god damn business? Look at the speeches of US Politicians such as John Kerry but also the truly abysmal EU Foreign Secretary Baroness Ashton.  As in Syria we back the rebels against an unpleasant regime just assuming that your enemy’s enemy is your best pal. As in Syria we are wrong.

I accept that many of those who protested in Kiev are good folks who would feel at home in a liberal Western democracy. But the hard-core, the ones that held firm against the riot police? Think again. Those hard core are the militant wings of political parties that are now represented in Parliament. Watch some recent interviews. I quote the leader of one of the largest militias (interviewed on the BBC) “We are nationalists, we want a country for Ukrainians…that means without any Russians…or Jews.” These are the folks


3799 days ago

If there is to be World War Three – 10 reasons to look on the bright side

Naturally I rather hope that events in the Ukraine do not spiral into World War Three as I rather sense that this really would be the war to end all wars. And everything else. But always seeking solace of a silver lining in every nuclear cloud here are my ten looking on the bright side reasons for cheer.

  1. I do not have to worry about being on the hook for alimony for the next thirty years and any more sniping letters from lawyers.
  2. We can stop panicking about where to house the cats when we go on holiday this summer
  3. I will die vindicated in the belief that all that money the Government spends telling me that smoking will kill me was utterly wasted.
  4. As the planet goes into nuclear winter even the BBC and its sister paper, The Guardian, will stop banging on about global warming caused by man-made carbon emissions.


3805 days ago

The Winter Olympics, Kiev and the BBC

I think that I must have watched all of thirty minutes of the Winter Olympics and that is only because I have always had a very soft spot for Hazel Irvine. Cripes, is that the sort of thing one should admit to in print? I digress.

Did the BBC really need to send such a large team to cover the Games? There were in fact more BBC staff at the Games than members of Team GB. That is, I am afraid just so BBC.

North of the games there is a different drama playing out in the Ukraine. I rephrase: if you have woken up after snoring in front of the Men’s 20 km cross country ski where they also shoot guns event, there is real drama in the Ukraine.  So on the BBC news we have reports from two different reporters on the ground (each with a camera crew). Switch to Newsnight and there is another BBC reporter with a camera crew. Over on radio 4 I can hear another chappie.

And guess what none are breaking news. All are simply relaying events with a slightly different emphasis but basically importing facts. How many BBC reporters are now in Kiev and how many BB support staff? Anyone care to hazard a guess? Can anyone actually justify it?

Can anyone explain why the BBC needed so many folks on the ground at the Olympics? Surely all we need is non-stop Hazel Irvine from the studio with pictures brought in from Russian TV and a few expert commentators for the odd sport about which Hazel does not have a truly encyclopaedic knowledge?

As ever, organisations where there is no bottom line to worry about are always rather poor when it comes to basic cost benefit analysis and cost control. Meet the BBC.


3856 days ago

Ukrproduct – Getting Another Dire Profits warning out on a quiet day

I have noted before that the way that AIM Cesspit listed Ukrainian dairy products group Ukrproduct (UKR) announces bad news smells like a six week old pot of cream left in the baking sunlight of the Steppe in August. And so as 90% of share-watchers enjoy their last day off, the company has slipped out another dire trading statement.

You can read my comments on the curious way this company announces the departure of directors, all signed off as kosher by corporate adviser Mr Dick, HERE

Today’s statement confirms what we all suspected. EBITDA for 2013 will be sharply down on 2012. Blame higher milk prices, ripples in the soft cheese market, whatever – it is hard to imagine that doing business in the Ukraine right now is that much fun.

Worse still the heavy debt this company now carries means that the I (for Interest) number has gone up sharply. So what is the bottom line number (i.e. Profit before tax) going to be? I refer to today’s statement.

Net income will be impaired by the sizeable increase in interest charges arising from the EBRD loan leading to the negative net profitability for the year.”

Put another way this company is loss making. It blathers on about how it “plans to return to positive profitability in 2014.”

You know what? I have made plans for 2014. After watching West Ham lift the Premiership trophy on the final day of the season following a five month run of 3 points from every game with Carlton Cole scoring hat-tricks every match, I am off on a one week romantic break with Cheryl Cole in the West Indies. I cannot wait. Neither, I am sure, can Carlton and Cheryl.


4140 days ago

Cupid – This Gets Very interesting: Scotland vs Ukraine

Cupid (LSE:CUP) has today issued a statement denying that it the Scottish headquartered online dating agency does anything wrong. I quote in full:

Cupid plc strongly refutes all allegations that its business model or practices and procedures are in any way fundamentally flawed, inappropriate or illegal. The directors believe that there has been a great deal of misrepresentation and ill-informed speculation in the marketplace and the Company is currently taking legal advice on these matters.”

The critical allegations are those made in a article of 15th March. The journalist responsible has confirmed