Monday March 18, 2019
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Russia: Jeremy Corbyn is right

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- Tom Winnifrith

This will not make me popular but I have to say that my fellow Russianophile and guest on RT, comrade Jeremy Corbyn, is taking the correct, if massively unpopular line on the alleged Russian Chemical attack in Salisbury. I don't care if old Jezza is still on the payroll of the Czech secret police he is right.

Can you not remember how, not that long ago, a serving Prime Minister, said that we must go to war because of a 45 minute threat of WMD. Tony Blair offered up no evidence at the time we just believed him. Now Mrs May admits that she cannot prove beyond all doubt that the Russian State was responsible for the Salisbury attack but she is confident enough to start kicking our Russian Diplomats/spies and taking other measures.

But she has not offered any proof of her claim. Not has she sent a sample to Russia as it requested so that it could co-operate with enquiries.

For the avoidance of doubt I bet the Russians were involved but there is, at this point, no proof offered by Mrs May and what is achieved by this rush to appear strong without giving the Russians a chance to offer an explanation?

We are told by a united media and Parliament that this is one of a number of Russian crimes. For instance there is the annexation of the Crimea. But hang on, Crimea was Russian until 1957 and 82% of the population wanted to be part of Russia rather than a Ukraine which was actively discriminating against Russian speakers by banning Russian as an official language and with other measures.

We are assured that evil Russian "bots and trolls interfered in the US Presidential race, the Brexit vote and the German and French elections but the evidence of interferencee is minimal to none. If anything happened it was small scale. And do we in the West never meddle in other folk's elections? Is the Pope a Catholic? The establishment tells us in Orwellian fashion that EastAsia has always been evil, is behind all sorts of bad things in fact so many that if a bad thing happens now it must be to blame, no proof is needed.

Well done to comrade Corbyn for daring to ask for proof and to question some of the assertions that the media and MPs of all parties are rushing to present as fact. As the pitiful Mrs May ratchets up tensions with Russia, are you really sure that we are wholly blameless and that Russia is guilty of all that it stands accused of? Mrs May does not act in my name.



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