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David Cameron, the Heir to Blair - today's Brexit lie about World war three is just fantasty lying

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 11 May 2016

I cannot remember when I first described David Cameron as the heir to Blair. I think it was in 2012 but it may have been at the time of the funeral of Lady Thatcher, whose shoes Dodgy Dave is not fit to lick. Today's comments on Brexit are fantasy lying league stuff which is right up their with with the war criminal Blair's comments on Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Cameron argues that leaving the EU would make a world war more likely. A world war with whom? Would Russia or China really invade NATO Stalwart Britain just because we were no longer part of the EU, a military enterprise so pathetic it cannot even keep out illegal immigrants on rubber dinghies let alone the might of the Red Army and Navy?

The EU has not kept the peace in Europe since 1945, that has been down to America and NATO seeing off the commies. When the EU has intervened in conflicts, such as in Bosnia, it has proved worse than hopeless. Its interventions in places such as the Ukraine has fueled conflict.

In telling such a silly but enormous lie Cameron makes himself look ridiculous. Should the vote on June 23rd be in favour of Brexit then interventions such as this one make his position look less and less tenable and will make his reputation increasingly one that is , like that of the liar Blair, a poor one.

John Major is today, with hindsight, viewed as almost competent despite the actual omni-shambles of his Premiership. It is perhaps because his successors have either been utterly mendacious and self serving (Blair) or a walking disaster (Brown) and so the chummy but dull honesty of Major seems almost appealing. Until now it was hard to say which way Cameron would be viewed: as a Major, a Blair or a Brown. I think perhaps not a Brown but after today it is surely far more as a Blair than a Major.

All politicians lie bit only a few lie on such a monstrous scale. It is hard to see what motivates a man like Cameron to say something that he knows is not only untrue but demonstrably untrue. With the polls showing that its neck and neck but we outers far more likely to actually vote on the day could this act of madness by Dodgy Dave just be seen as a sign of pure desperation?

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