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Apparently I am guilty of treason for telling the truth, citing facts, on Ukraine

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 17 May 2024

My “crime” for which I should, presumably, be locked in the Tower is to have suggested in THIS ARTICLE that not only was Ukraine losing the war but that it had been losing since last summer and that thed political and media GroupThink had lied about numerous aspects of and events in this war. I cited specific examples of those lies.

Reader Charles does not dispute that what I say is true. But he disputes my right to say it, to point out lies told by the BBC because this is treason. His post in full reads:

“It is a war though Tom and as the UK state is on Ukraine’s side your reporting is somewhat treasonable even if factual. You either support UK or Russia when it comes down to it and you can’t blame the BBC for having a British outlook or otherwise losing most of their customers. The BBC leave you alone so perhaps a qui pro quo is due.”

Charles: there is a war between Ukraine and Russia. Britain is sending wepaons and money it does not have to the Ukrainians that much is true but we are not, at this juncture, and thankfully, at war with Russia.

As a journalist my job, in fact my duty, is to hold the powerful to account whether it be City fraudsters ( my main target in life) or a multi billion cost base media giant which we all, as Uk citizens, must fund on pain of jail.  We are its custoomers whether we like it or not, whatever it reports. I regard it as my vocation to call out the BBC for its failings whether that is in destroying Dr Who’s audience base with woke nonsense or reporting lies from Ukraine.

Just because I criticise woke nonsense on Dr Who that does not mean that I support the Daleks. And  I would also call out Russia when it lies but sadly I do not have access to much of its media to enable me to do that.

I do not see how calling out things pumped out by State media that are demonstrably untrue about a war where Britain is not a combatant is treasonable. That sensible folk, for Charles is normally sensible, can suggest that it is treasonable is a sign of the dangerously authoritarian and Orwellian times in which we live.

I am only just recovering from being the victim of two minute hates in the village where I live for daring to challenge the GroupThink of masks and lockdown on the basis of hard data. I remember back then getting messages about how folks like me were killing people’s grannies. That I was right is now self evident. But in today’s Britain, being right, speaking the truth is often no defense against the GroupThink, an ever more powerful State or or mob mentaility on social media. As Big Brother notes, stating a fact is a lie, telling the truth is a falsehood, do not engage in WrongThink, Big Brother knows best.


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