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Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 11 January 2023

For what it is worth these are the 30 most read articles on this website during 2022. And there are some bloody good pieces here using the sort of hard data that the mainstream media ignores as it carries on spouting GroupThink gibberish. Enjoy.


  1. More greedy public sector workers telling lies – this time its the bone idle teachers, step forward Cllr Louise Atkinson

    Its not just the greedy nurses who are lying about how they all need food banks to survive and who are thus demanding a big hike to a package which is already massively greater than the UK median wage. Across the public sector they are all at it. I have highlighted before the greed and mendacity of the teachers, but in 2022 the lazy scumbags are telling porkies as never before. Meet Louise Atkinson who when not working hard and getting a good screw from being a Labour councillor in Carlisle is a teacher. Heaven help her students.

  2. NHS Nurses – greedy, deceitful and shameless witches

    You are told by the BBC and the rest of the liberal media that nurses are grossly underpaid and that their decision to walk out on cancer and other patients leaving them to die is thus all the fault of the wicked Tories. But here in chart form are the facts….

  3. 40 years too late Warwick School has today apologised to me for the physical abuse I suffered aged 11 at the hands of Geoffrey Eve

    Since 2011, I have been urging Warwick School to do something about historic physical and, latterly, sexual abuse of young boys. Two headmasters of Britain’s third oldest school swept the matter under the carpet but, to his credit, the new headmaster, James Barker, himself an OW, has done something. Barker, myself and governor Ruth Weekes had a long Zoom chat today and Warwick says that it believes my allegations against Eve, apologises for what happened and for its 41 years of failure in doing something about it. That was welcome. But that is not enough for Warwick is sitting on far worse secrets.

  4. Tom Winnifrith podcast in this Russiaphobic era, some uncomfortable truths for we in the West on the bloody war we cheer on in the Ukraine

    I am not a Russian asset and I deplore the Russian invasion but we are not looking at the whole picture and we are being lied to by all sides. I invite you to consider a number of very uncomfortable truths you will not see discussed on the BBC or in the deadwood press. 

  5. Photo article: Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks training walk – agony as the cows attack

    On June 11, myself and seven other rogue bloggers will walk the 34 miles from Winchester Cathedral to Woodlarks. I can now say that I will complete the walk after yesterday’s training effort of 23 miles. But that is three weeks away so now is a great time to sponsor me HERE. To encourage you to donate, let me tell you about the pain of yesterday and show you the reason: the cows, or bulls as they were advertised.

  6. Tom Winnifrith Postcard: The stench of lies – the war in Ukraine is not in my name

    First off, I am not a Putin apologist. That I must stress this, is a sign of the Group Think at play. I walk through the rewriting of history from World War Two to 2014, addressing the catalogue of lies we are fed by the political and media classes. It is not in my name. We must all consider the facts, and stand up to this – just as we should all have done during the Covid Group Think. Those of us who did challenge that Group Think, were told we had blood on our hands. We are now vindicated - it is the Group Think leaders who should be in jail.  Before you slate me on Ukraine, listen to this podcast and consider the facts I present, not the lies you are being told.

  7. When will the West tire of mad and bad President Zelensky as he “attacks” Poland?

    Of course, Ukraine did not deliberately attack Poland. But last night two missiles landed a few miles away from the border with Ukraine killing two. Immediately, President Zelensky blamed Russia and urged NATO to stand by a member state and retaliate, to invoke clause 5. To start World War Three.  The Daily Mail was still trying to blame the Russians and talking up WW3 this morning. It drank the war whisky without hesitation. But, thankfully, saner minds and the truth prevailed.

  8. Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel, water, water everywhere

    The flood waters are now more or less static at c9 metres down at the bridge so that is high but not at record levels. Here at the Welsh Hovel the first three photos are from the garden. Inlast year’s record high floods the waters reached right up to the back doorstep. This time they are merely in the bottom reaches of the lawn but they stretch for miles.

  9. The chart that shows why Chris Whitty, Jon Van Tam, Boris Johnson, the Vicar of Shipston et al should be in prison

    In any study, you need a control group. When it came to train-wrecking your economy, driving folks to suicide and causing untold misery through mask-wearing, social-distancing, and staying away from dying relatives, the European control group was Sweden. The MSM did the bidding of the experts and a united political class, warning that Sweden would see mass deaths and that the streets of Malmo and Stockholm would be piled high with bodies. Well, not quite, but the language was apocalyptic. Ultimately, we dissenters were wrong, and citizens should only ever “follow the science”. Or else, it would end badly for us all back in Airstrip One.

  10. Photo article from a French beach – the topless birds and the Muslims

    Madame Le Pen would ban Muslim headgear. In some places, Burkinis are banned. And so, I bring you the view from directly in front of where Joshua, Olaf and I sat.

  11. Photo Article: Lia Thomas wins another swimfest and what her fellow women swimmers feel about her cheating

    Lia Thomas is the“woman” swimmer who was a man until two years ago and so naturally is winning all sorts of college competitions. The real women who she beats do not dare speak out about this farce as that would be deemed transphobic and thus risk them being cancelled and shunned. But the photo below from the winners podium shows what they really think. As ever, George Orwell foresaw this sort of nonsense in 1984:

  12. Daft millionaire lefty lunatic of the day – Hugh Laurie has a wet dream about Carole Cadwalladr

    This is a title which is always hotly contested but today’s winner is actor Hugh Laurie as you can see below.

  13. Warwick School – more vile testimony of widespread historic sexual abuse

    The behind-closed-doors enquiry continues into historic abuse at Warwick School. Victims like me aren’t allowed to see reports into what went on, even when – as in my case – the school has already concluded that I was physically abused by serial sadist, Geoffrey Eve, and apologized in private. Nor has there been any public apology or statement, as we victims ALL want. And, I fear, Warwick remains in denial as to the scale of historic sexual abuse.

  14. So what about the dying polar bears and the penguins as the sea ice disappears: the biggest global warming myth of our time.

    It was about ten years ago when I sat down with my daughter Olaf, now 21 and in her final year at Oxford, to enjoy a meal at an Italian restaurant. I was greatly taken by an electric grater of parmesan and suggested to the little Trustafarian (not on my side) that I quite fancied one for Christmas. “But what about the Polar Bears, Daddy” said Olaf almost in tears

  15. Photo article from the Welsh Hovel – after 3 years the last phase of renovations underway, more beauty exposed & horrors removed

    We are almost there. As of today, the Greek Hovel is now finished after eight years. We have lived at the Welsh hovel for three years and here too we are getting there as you can see below.

  16. 150 years of temperature from Rochester New York – spot the global warming hoax

    The world is getting hotter, we will all burn to a crisp, this is not a debate it is all settled science say the cultists. Don’t be a denier, listen to the Doom Goblin Greta Thunberg, who skipped nearly all of her High School learning because she is an “expert” who can see carbon emissions. Whatever, here is some more data for you and it looks like another inconvenient truth.

  17. Preparing for the rugby, watching in a Welsh pub, with a Welsh supporting son, wearing my London Irish shirt

    In the old days when Wales defeated Ireland in the rugby, my late father and I would console ourselves with the phrase “At least Olaf will be happy”.  Though she is in Paris at present I am sure that my eldest and fairly thirsty daughter, will need no great persuasion to wander into a pub to cheer on her compatriots in red.

  18. Fraud promoter & crisp salesman Gary Lineker on BBC diversity of thought

    Retweeting a tweet from a former editor of the Guardian, Gary Lineker wades into battle on behalf of the BBC which, by extorting money from us all under threat of jail,pays him£1.3 million a year for talking about sport. The crisp salesman, who made £5 million from promoting the £3 billion Quindell fraud, argues that BBC staff have a diverse range of opinions. Hmmm.

  19. The Vagina Museum celebrates #InternationalWomensDay by talking about “women” with no vaginas

    At the bottom of the pyramid of victimhood are women and at the top are folks with pensises who demand that we call them women. And so the total waste of space that is the Vagina Museum, in East London, will celebrate this day by celebrating women who don’t have vaginas. How very 2022.  Meanwhile in Ukraine 

  20. Fact check: the global warming grifters at the BBC, the Red Cross and elsewhere salivate as Pakistanis drown: what about 1841? Or all the other floods

    1,717 Pakistanis have now drowned in the big floods this year and naturally the misery and suffering of this event should be no cause to celebrate. But for grifters like the Doom Goblin Greta Thunberg, the BBC and the Red Cross (HERE) events out East have been a cue to whip up hysteria and demand action. And, of course, money. But the facts: do they matter any more?

  21. Photo article: fat cat at the Welsh Hovel

    Rescue cat Quincey is not deterred by the storm that has sent the bedwetters at Wrexham Council into wild panic and has just ventured out for a mouse hunt. He knows that a rising river Dee may flush lunch out of its holes. But still, after such labours he needs a good rest and this was him “in action” last night on a King William sofa from my late father’s house, now lovingly restored. Only the best for Quincey. 

  22. That the BBC even asks this question shows how morally bankrupt it has become – Stalin was reponsible for 20 million deaths

    Okay we can argue the toss on how many deaths Stalin was responsible for. Some apologists say that in the years 1924 to 1939 it is ONLY 3.5 million. I suspect that the 20 million number is rather too high but whatever the actual number it surely puts him in a podium position in the all time genocidal dictators contest. Yes the part of the BBC responsible for educating our kids thinks there is another way of looking at Comrade Stalin,the bull case for Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili. That the BBC even asks the question below is yet another reason why so many of us find paying our license such an appalling idea.

  23. A West Ham supporting cat lover writes

    Goaded by a couple of readers, I try to articulate how I feel about the video of West Ham’s highest paid player, Kurt Zouma, kicking his own cat around the house. In short: not good at all.

  24. The NHS, the cash strapped envy of the world, is hiring again

    According to the BBC and the rest of the liberal intellegentsia the only thing stopping the NHS from being even more amazing – don’t mention record waiting lists, etc, etc – is lack of cash. But for key hires such as £100,000 a year diversity directors there are always funds. And it seems that it is not just diversity, as opposed to curing sick folk, that is a priority. Enjoy the most recent hires being advertised. 

  25. Why doesn’t the BBC challenge the canard of Evil Tories: lifting bankers bonuses while nurses eat from food banks?

    This morning on Radio 4’s flagship Today programme it was the TUC boss Frances O’Grady ( total package £167,000) saying that the Tories were bad because they were going to lift the cap on bankers bonuses while nurses have to eat from food banks.  This line is trotted out by those on the left many times a day but it is just palpable nonsense. Let’s start with the banksters…

  26. Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel – getting to know three more neighbours at the top of the Jungle

    When we arrived here at the Welsh Hovel almost three years ago, our land which runs along the lane down to our farmhouse was known as the jungle. Almost the size of a soccer pitch I only discovered that it contained three asbestos and corrugated iron sheds after about a year so thick were the bushes, trees and undergrowth. Now, of course, it has been turned into an enormous vegetable garden but at the far end there is still work in progress.

  27. ITV finds the dumbest person in the whole of Wales as our leaders plan to spunk £15m a year on more politicians

    An ageing population, more covid deaths (pro rata) than England, a post-industrial and weak economy and a piss poor rugby team, Wales has real problems. So what is the answer? Of course: we need more politicians!

  28. Tom Winnifrith postcard: The 23 September UK Budget: Economic illiteracy, utterly inequitable and unfair and NOT what Mrs Thatcher would have done

    In this podcast, I reflect on the Kwasi Kwarteng, Liz Truss mini budget. I am amazed and how badly the right wing commentariat has called it for it was mean and unjust and economically illiterate. It is not what Mrs Thatcher would have done and was a betrayal of her brand of conservatism and of the poor, working and middle classes too. It was just awful at every level and should form the basis of an electoral rout for the Tories in two years which will be fully deserved. 

  29. Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel- the floodwaters on the River Dee at the old Bridge to England

    Later on I have a few snaps of the River Dee at the Hovel itself but first a few from last night and this morning from the 1300s bridge about 1000 yards downstream over to the infidels in England. First a couple from yesterday looking downstream on the Welsh side.

  30. Comedian Lee Hurst nails shy Evie, the bleating millenial lesbian

    I seem to remember that, for some frightful faux pas, the comedian, Lee Hurst, has been no-platformed from various venues. His real problem is that he is not only funny, but also rather right-wing, which are the two reasons why you never see him on TV or hear him on what Radio 4 calls, in a blatant breach of the trade description laws, comedy shows. Yesterday, Mr Hurst utterly nailed a woman called Evie, gender she/they, a keen mask-wearer and a lesbian.

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