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When will the West tire of mad and bad President Zelensky as he “attacks” Poland?

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 21 November 2022

Of course, Ukraine did not deliberately attack Poland. But last night two missiles landed a few miles away from the border with Ukraine killing two. Immediately, President Zelensky blamed Russia and urged NATO to stand by a member state and retaliate, to invoke clause 5. To start World War Three.  The Daily Mail was still trying to blame the Russians and talking up WW3 this morning. It drank the war whisky without hesitation. But, thankfully, saner minds and the truth prevailed.

Within a couple of hours pictures of missile parts were on the internet and experts were agreeing that these were surface launched missiles used by both Ukraine and Russia to knock other missiles out of the sky.  The problem with that is such missiles could not have been launched from Russia to reach this small village in Poland. They do not have the range.

On the other hand, Ukraine was launching hundreds of such missiles to knock Russian missiles from the skies. By late last night the US press was pointing this out. It was just inconceivable that these missiles were anything other than Ukrainian.  Joe Biden, to his credit, calmed the situation by saying the missiles were not launched by Russia. Russia denied it had launched them.  And now even NATO is saying the missiles came from Ukraine.

So, inadvertently it was Ukraine that attacked Poland. Surely Zelensky knew that was the case, but yet insisted a patent falsehood and demanded that NATO go to war AT ONCE with Russia on that basis. This is not the first time Zelensky and Ukraine have lied about Russian actions – remember the ghost of Kiev, or the ludicrous falsehood that Russian soldiers were being given rations of Viagra to fuel industrial scale rape, or the gold teeth of Auschwitz style torture chamber.  The Mail led the British press and lapped up all of these fake news stories and has yet to run any retractions. When the Russians complain about the fake news in the British press they are not entirely wide of the mark.

And Zelensky has repeatedly tried to drag NATO into the war so turning his conflict into one that could, in theory, end life on earth.  Ukraine battles on but it does so only because of the vast amounts of money and munitions the West has poured into that country. Some of that money has been stolen by the leaders of Europe’s second most corrupt country after Russia, but most has gone to prolong a war where, according to the UN, BOTH sides are committing war crimes.

As Western taxpayers endure economic hardship this winter, I suspect more and more of them will resent demands for even more money from an increasingly rich man who last night acted in a reckless way, telling untruths so upping the risk of world war three. The mendacity of Zelensky is now laid bare for all to see. Our leaders should warn him that unless he negotiates a peace deal, which can now be a favourable one for Ukraine, PDQ, then the financial and military support will be switched off.

I have, for a long time, tired of the lies, and while opposing the Russian invasion, also opposed the way the West stopped a peace treaty in April and has ramped up the hostilities ever since. This war was not in my name at any stage.

Surely, after last night, we can now all say that enough is enough?

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Tom Winnifrith is the editor of When he is not harvesting olives in Greece, he is (planning to) raise goats in Wales.
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