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Shamefully the West and its media cheers on every Russian death and we are horrified when Russians do not!

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 11 October 2022

I can never understand when folks cheer on the untimely death of their fellow man. But day after day we are treated by the Western media to videos of Russian tanks being blown up and articles delighting in how many Russian dead now lie on the fields of Ukraine. I am in no doubt that some of those soldiers dying horrible deaths were bad men who did very bad things. But many, probably the vast majority, were just young men fighting what they were told (wrongly) was a just war and fighting by Geneva rules. Why should we celebrate their deaths?

In order to make us celebrate all these Russian deaths we are treated to a constant diet of propaganda from Kiev detailing Russian crimes against humanity which is all reported as fact here in Airstrip One. Some of it is probably true. But much, like the “ghost of Kiev,” is simply fantasy yet it is reported as fact by the Western press. Did you see those headlines about a Russian Auschwitz style operation extracting gold death from folks they then killed? Villagers could hear the screams as the Russians went to work reported, inter alia, the Telegraph, The ghastly Daily Mail, The Mirror, Independent and The Express.

There was no fact check by the British press just a GroupThink rush to expose more Russian war crimes. And there has been no retraction, no admission that this was fake news, since a German paper actually went to the village and found the local dentist who said that what had appeared in our papers was a box of gold coloured stainless steel false teeth that he had amassed from 30 years of extractions. The Russians thought it was real gold and stole it. That was a rather different story and shows some Russian soldiers to be knaves and fools but not to be Auschwitz style butchers who deserve to die horrible deaths.

Then Ukraine blew up a bridge connecting Russia to the Crimea, an area that has almost always been Russian and where 85% of the population pre 2014 were Russian but which Ukraine wishes to rule as it did  between the breakup of the USSR until 2014. Civilians died on that bridge as it blew up and caught fire but the Western press did not report much about that and did not care. For they have demonised Russia so much that killing any Russian even a child is now deemed to be fair game. The Ukrainians told jokes about the matter, led by their cokehead President. And on social media the West laughed.

I can imagine that seeing the Ukrainians laugh about Russian civilians dying horrible deaths did not play well in Mother Russia and so is it any surprise at all that Russia has launched ferocious attacks killing civilians today?  I do not applaud those attacks, they should be condemned but those who are celebrating loss of life elsewhere are in no real position to make that condemnation.

It seems that the political and media classes of the West are again engaging in scamdemic style GroupThink and want this war to go on and on forever. The West is offering President Putin no golden bridge, no means of walking away with a shred of pride intact. The West thus ensures that more and more people, Russian and Ukrainian, very few of whom actually want this war, will be killed.

Is that really something you can support. I cannot.

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Tom Winnifrith is the editor of When he is not harvesting olives in Greece, he is (planning to) raise goats in Wales.
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