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The Dutch stick two fingers up to the EU, the bullshit excuses flow thick & fast: Newspeak 1984 from Brussels

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 7 April 2016

And so the Dutch referendum on the EU's Trade treaty with the Jew hating Government of the Ukraine has seen a resounding 64% no vote - the opinion polls again under-estimated scepticism as some "shy voters" did not dare admit to politically incorrect views in liberal Holland. Naturally the EU and the Dutch "inners" were across the media last night explaining why this vote does not appear what it seems. It was a classic of Orwellian newspeak. Thus we were told:

The turnout was low (32%) and a spokesman for the inners told Newsnight that most of those who did not vote were on his side. So really it was a win for the EU.

Moreover those who voted the wrong way did so only because the EU has a problem with selling its case. It is not that we would not all love it, it is just a matter of the EU being bad at PR. Naturally.

Moreover this was not really a vote on the EU, in many ways those voting were really protesting against the referendum concept. Aha so in fact those voting no really love the EU it is just that they dont like direct democracy. Got it.

All in all it was a resounding endorsement of the EU by the Dutch however the wicked Eurosceptics try to spin it.

The EU is not unpopular with voters across Europe. The EU has never been unpopular with voters across Europe. Or so Big Brother, that is to say the media, business and political elites across Europe would have us believe.

The fact is that whenever the little folks, the ordinary voters, have been offered a chance to kick the EU in the goolies via a referendum they have grabbed it in Greece, France, Holland, Denmark and Eire.

The elites would have us believe that we who support Brexit are little Englanders out of touch with Europe and our European friends. The reality is that we Brexiteers are very much in touch with ordinary folks across the continent in loathing the institution that is the EU. The elites of each country have more in common with the elites of other countries than with their own citizens.

In loathing the EU and wanting out we Brexiteers think like ordinary Europeans, something our friends in Holland have reminded us of once again.

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