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Will the Dutch People stick two fingers up to the EU today? My fingers are crossed

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 6 April 2016

The Dutch are holding the sort of referendum the EU loves today. That is to say the result is non-binding so if the little people vote the "wrong way" their leaders in Holland and their masters at the EU can go ahead and do what they want and ignore them anyway. Welcome to democracy EU style. But the vote could be a snub to Brussels and for that reason lets pray for a No result.

This referendum is about wherther Holland should ratify a new EU trade deal with the unelected coalition of nationalists, Jew haters and non Jew hating fascists who run the Ukraine following the putsch against its elected rulers which the EU supported. The new regime - only some of whom openly admire Adolf Hitler - banned Russian as an official langauge within 24 hours of gaining power prompting demands for secession from Russian speaking areas who - feared for their rights - and thus the move into Civil war. As ever the EU is really into democracy and hooking up with nice folks.

Both houses of the Dutch Parliament have already approved the treaty. Europe's political classes like this sort of thing. And since the referendum is non binding, if the little people, the plebs, folks like you and I vote no it will make no difference at all.
As it happens quite a few of the Dutch are not wild about various aspects of the EU and polls suggest that the result will be very close. A no vote for a country which has done less badly than most out of EU membership would be a bit of an embarrassment for those running the Evil Empire in Brussels.

It would also give a lie to the idea that it is just we "little Englanders" who have real issues with "Europe". Across Europe ordinary people - as opposed to the media, political and business elites - are increasingly saying that enough is enough. It is the unthinking Europhiles of the elite here in Britain who are out of step with the people of Europe. Those who question le projet grand are far closer to the zeitgeist and like many sceptics across the continent, I love Europe I just loathe the EU and want out.

So it is fingers crossed that the Dutch send yet another message to Brussels today. It will, of course, be a message that is ignored but it would be good to see it sent anyway.

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