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When opening the window at 11 AM and playing this appropriate music is a revolutionary act

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 24 February 2023

The Government of Britain issued a diktat that we should all observe a minute’s silence at 11 AM today to mark a year since the, wholly wrong, Russian invasion of Ukraine.  Britain is not at war. British young people are not dying in the trenches yet the Government has appropriated a symbolic gesture at a symbolic time to justify our acts.

Let us not forget that Ukraine and Russia were prepared to hold peace talks ten months ago in a deal brokered by Israel and Turkey. Britain led the West in ordering that the talks be scrapped and the bloodshed continue.

With money the UK does not have, as it faces record State borrowings and the highest taxes for 70 years we egg on Ukraine and dismiss anyone who wants peace talks, be it Viktor Orban or folks like myself, as Putin apologists. More and more of us want peace. In the US those supporting American policy of war war not jaw jaw has fallen from 80+% to just 70% and is falling faster and faster. As Biden prepares for an election year in 2024 how long can he keep the bloodshed going?

At some stage there will have to be peace. The Government’s attempt to appropriate the minute’s silence for the dead to encourage support for more bloodshed is reprehensible. And so at 11 AM I opened my windows and played music. No doubt there will be some who regard such an act as yet more Putin apologist behaviour.  The smear is always the first resort of those who wish to stifle legitimate debate.

I saw a chap on twitter who owned shares in a con I have exposed – Canadian Overseas Petroleum – responding to my articles.  The shares have collapsed by 80% so maybe my analysis was correct.  Actually there is no maybe. I have been vindicated and was right. As such his response was to tweet that my mum is a slut and then to remind me that she died, s many years ago – it was suicide.  If you cant handle fact based debate you resort to smears and abuse. It is always the way.


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