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Flag Flyer is a term of abuse in Britain unless it's this flag!

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 17 May 2023

I noted the other day how those in the liberal political and media elites have, for years, sneared at anyone flying the  Union Flag. Indeed, I think, the term flag waver actually became a term of abuse at some point amomng those who tend to have #FBPE in their twitter handles. But at least the UK does not spaff taxpayers cash on a “Flags team.” Unlike …

The EU which, as you can see, was spending the cash of Evil Empire taxpayers on handing out flags at Eurovision. Yes, that contest won last year by a country outside of the EU (Ukraine), participated in by folks outside of Europe (Australia) and being hosted outside of the EU in the socialst Republic of Liverpool, the UK. Of course the metropolitan elitists will not laugh at or ridicule this obvious waste of cash on a pointless gesture, they will praise it. Some flag wavers are more equal than others.



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