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21 days ago

Flag Flyer is a term of abuse in Britain unless it's this flag!

I noted the other day how those in the liberal political and media elites have, for years, sneared at anyone flying the  Union Flag. Indeed, I think, the term flag waver actually became a term of abuse at some point amomng those who tend to have #FBPE in their twitter handles. But at least the UK does not spaff taxpayers cash on a “Flags team.” Unlike …


2215 days ago

A Sunday Morning by the church in Koroni, Greece

I could not sleep for reasons that I shall discuss later so was up at the crack of dawn leaving the Mrs and Joshua snoring loudly in our hotel room. We are in Koroni, a pretty little sea port around the coast from Kalamata, going away from the Mani. The stated reason is to visit the parents of the husband of the sister of the Mrs, Stavros & Stavroula. It is the latter who taught me everything I know about the art of goat milking.


2579 days ago

Ukraine wins Eurovision, its a bit political so here's what Russia should enter next year

As Ben Elton would say, " a bit political, a bit political." Isn't it sweet the people of Europe sending a message that we don't like Russia and that the Ukranians are all really nice folk? How right the EU was to meddle and ensure that the democratically elected rulers were replaced by a bunch of ultra nationalists supported by, inter alia, large numbers of Jew hating Nazis, which as their first act made Russian speakers second class citizens, thereby provoking an inevitable civil war. Oh, sorry we are not meant to mention the second bit are we. That is the inconvenient truth the twits who rave about last night's Eurovision campfest gloss over.

So I have a song for Russia to enter next year just to put the record straight


3314 days ago

Is the whole world asleep post Eurovision?

Did you watch? I found myself at a party hostyed b y a Greek couple and attaernted by various friends of the Mrs.  The Greek guy, delightfully politically incorrect, was loudly cheeriong on the incredibly sexual (in a cheap porn sort of way) Polish entry with no musical talent whatsoever.  Elsewhere opinion was divided

The only songs that were vaguely memorable and that I might want to listen to again came from Holland, Finland, Italy and Sweden. Greece was memorable as it had only two words “Rise Up” but that did not make it good. That a trans-sexual with the fifth best song won easily says a lot about an event which now makes Old Compton Street look like the Road to Wigan Pier.

Whatever. It will all be forgotten – the songs included – by next weekend. And it was fun while it lasted.

This morning I am up and raring to go but it seems that the only other soul who is awake is Quindell’s head PR bird with whom I have exchanged emails about my next piece. The rest of the world slumbers on. Were Evil, Lucian, Paddington Bear et al camping it up at some Eurovision bash? I somehow doubt it but you never know.


3315 days ago

The Mrs & Health fascism: why don’t you smoke your e-cigarette outside?

A treat last night: two episodes of Nashville to catch up on. That, and a delicious thyme chicken and grilled vegetables prepared by the Mrs – what more could a man ask for? Normally on such a TV fest I would nip out during the commercials for a fag but as of last night I am on the e-cigarettes and, as such, there was no need to move for my commercial e-fag break.

After all, an e-cig is odourless and all it emits is water vapour. There is no question of passive smoking. And so as Viking River Cruises tries to persuade us to book into a cruise down the Rhine for some wife-swapping with 90 year olds, I take a drag on the e-cigarette.

“Why can’t you go outside for that?” said the Mrs.  I despair. So reviled is anything to do with smoking in the UK today that I expect this is a common reaction. It is enough to make me take up smoking Marlboro Lights again.

Fear not. I have not. Tonight’s Eurovision Party (heaven help me, it is friends of the Mrs) may be a tester but my resolve is strong.


3626 days ago

Channel 4 supporting Ramadan – who cares? But Can’t we get Graham Norton involved?

Some folk seem upset about Channel 4 running a Daily call to prayer for the 30 days of Ramadan which starts next week. C4 is a private company and can do what it wants.  It has indeed been a pioneer in trying to support those perceived as oppressed minorities and in many cases its work has been laudable, although I think that giving the Jew hating Islamofascist nutjob who runs Iran a Christmas slot opposite the Queen was perhaps a step too far.

But as I say it is a private company it can broadcast what it wants. Since I cannot remember the last time I watched anything it aired anyway, I cannot say that I would be the right person to boycott it in protest. That is if I cared. Which I do not.

But always keen to be helpful it strikes me that this is an ideal opportunity to perhaps foster greater understanding between oppressed minority groups and so drive forward the struggle for a more tolerant and understanding society.

There are some folk out there who have suggested that some elements of the Islamic community are not terribly supportive of the gay rights movement and the campaing for homosexual equality. Notwithstanding pictures of gay men swinging from cranes in Iran, Egypt and Gaza and the wave of gay bashing seen in parts of East London in the name of Islam, I am sure that this is all a big misunderstanding.

And as such, to drive this point home, following his outstanding work in covering the Eurovision Song Contest might I suggest that C4 recruits Mr Graham Norton to lead the call to prayer each day? If he is unavailable Mr Dale Winton used to be a very sympathetic host of Supermarket Sweep and perhaps he is a man to get the backing of the wider Moslem community.

Tolerance, brotherly love, etc…bring it on.