396 days ago

Flag Flyer is a term of abuse in Britain unless it's this flag!

I noted the other day how those in the liberal political and media elites have, for years, sneared at anyone flying the  Union Flag. Indeed, I think, the term flag waver actually became a term of abuse at some point amomng those who tend to have #FBPE in their twitter handles. But at least the UK does not spaff taxpayers cash on a “Flags team.” Unlike …


470 days ago

The cost of smoking by country - there are some great smuggling arbs here

A pack of 20 costs 25.43 Euro in Australia. Who on earth can afford to smoke down under. Given that a packet of 20 is only 2.11 Euro in Indonesia I can see a great arb if you have no qualms about breaking the law. I bet there is a roaring trade in “under the counter” fags in Oz. The table below is fascinating.


1029 days ago

New board game: Australian Covid Monopoly

Given why most of the forebears of present day Australians ended up there, this new version of an old game is most apt.


1038 days ago

Is this peak Covid lockdown madness?

If you are walking down the street, wearing a mask and you see a mate and talk to him you are helping to spread covid. That is the message from this crackpot Australian politician. Careless talk, or in fact any talk at all really does cost lives. In years to come we will look back on such control freakery to stop a plague with a 99.97% survival rate and be amazed at how the world went mad.


1178 days ago

Climate activist Patsy Islam-Parsons explains the climate emergency: George Orwell would be proud

Patsy is a real climate activist from Australia. My guess is that means she does not have a proper job. But in the tweet below, she explains the climate crisis. Last year, all that CO2 we emit caused a lack of rain and global warming so there were bushfires.  Now that very same CO2 is causing too much rain so there are floods. Got it? Whatever the weather, man-made Co2 emissions and no other factor is to blame.  You just cannot argue with the Ministry of Truth, can you?


1622 days ago

Uncle Christopher Booker would have loved this – The Met Office and BBC spin global cooling as global warming

My late uncle Chris would have loved this. It is one of those moments when I really want to chat to him as we would both have been laughing within seconds. It is not the fact that the UK is getting cooler but the way that in utterly Orwellian fashion the BBC and the high priests of the global warming cult, the Met Office, spin cooling as warming.


1631 days ago

As the BBC drools over Greta Thunberg another lie she tells, an inconvenient truth from Australia

The BBC is today wetting its knickers in public. It sent a journalist to interview Greta Thunberg, that is to say not to challenge her in the slightest on all the falsehoods she spouts, but that journalist travelled by plane. Quick: go get Elton to plant a few trees for the Beeb.  The real scandal here is that the BBC, CNN, the Guardian and the rest of the liberal media accept as gospel, obvious lies spouted by Greta. Let’s look at the terrible bush fires ravaging Oz…


2274 days ago

The scale of cheating in Australian cricket will come to horrify us all

The lead opinion piece in today's Times newspaper explains how academic success is not down to the choice of school but is genetic. The lead sports story is about how a nation where most folks are descended from convicted criminals has been caught cheating on an industrial scale at its national sport. Discuss.


2349 days ago

Photo Article - DO NOT READ THIS if you are afraid of snakes

A kind reader in Australia has twigged that, despite rebuilding the Greek Hovel in an area teeming with snakes, I have a, perfectly rational, fear of the little critters and has thus taken to sending me photos and stories about them on a regular basis. Today's really is the stuff of nightmare and comes with photos.


3288 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 16 June - homage to Chris Bailey

Chris Bailey of Financial Orbit is on my mind for three reasons and I explain why. One of them is APR Energy which I discuss and Chris will post on later. I also look at two China POS stocks, the fraud Sorbic and Auhua Clean Energy. Then at Thor Mining, Trap Oil and Mosman Oil & Gas. Then it is onto the boiler room stocks: Inspirit, Sabien and Flowgroup. Warning: this podcast contains both bad language and also a lot of racist generalisations about folks from Australia and New Zealand with the exception of Kylie Minogue (pictured) who can, of course, do no wrong.


3744 days ago

Range Resources – with hindsight a premature capitulation (by me)

I attracted an unprecedented (even by my standards) amount of grief from Bulletin Board Morons for being persistently bearish on AIM Cesspit listed Range Resources (RRL) all the way down from 5p until December. Then at 1.28p I did not tip the stock but merely ran it as a (successful) trading buy in my Christmas trading challenge with Steve Moore. 

That call also earned me grief because by then the Morons (without apologising to me) had decided that Range Resources head honcho Pete Landau was now the devil incarnate. The shares are now 0.82p. Where next?

For what it is worth I do not regard Landau as a devil incarnate. Folks can often get too tied up with personality. Landau may be Australian but then so is Kylie so not everyone from Oz is a bad person. But unlike Kylie who delivers winning smile after winning smile, I am afraid that Landau


3799 days ago

My Torture is Over- Zak Mir's book is sub-edited

I have explained a number of times in the past two weeks that I am getting an early glimpse of what life will be like when I go to Hell, that is to say I have been subbing a book written by my good friend Zak Mir.  It is 4.30 AM and I am delighted to say that the torture is over. Or as Zak would say it:

Indeed, notwithstanding the aforementioned reference above to 4.30 AM, it could very well be said that on the basis of the bear trap exhaustion gap fill reversal Tom can go to bed. This is especially in the wake of the way that his resistance support has indeed been completely broken by the aforementioned reference – see above. In fact, having driven the last person to edit my work – Stephen Eckett, indeed through all resistance points on the way to the asylum, anyone tempted to undertake the aforementioned task will in fact soon become Dead Cross with a sell signal on my literacy.”

Yippee. Now to think what Hell will really be like. While watching the England Cricket team tour Australia for eternity I will be forced to spend any gaps between play subbing the works of Zak Mir, getting texts from triumphant Aussies and from my daughter saying that she is volunteering to work for Chris Rennard while having to listen to Al Gore reading out his great work of fiction, An Inconvenient Truth.

I have a foretaste of the worst part of it but have survived with my sanity, almost, intact.


4064 days ago

Australian dual listed stocks on AIM: Avoid the lot of them?

I seem to remember that there used to be an AIM Australia Day party.  The “cesspit” meets a bunch of folks from a country which started its colonial life as a penal colony. It sounds like a hoot. But I guess that I am not going to get invited if such an event still takes place. Or perhaps it never did and was just a figment of my imagination – a sort of party for white collar folk held in Jabba the Hut’s Bar. Did Princess Leia attend this party? Which PR firm does she work for as I’d like a briefing? And which dodgy mining stock is Jabba promoting today? We need to know.

I slightly digress, but I am a Star Wars groupie and Carrie Fisher is always welcome at Chez Winnifrith to pop on over and drone on yet again about her celeb parents and all that cocaine she took any time.  Now,where was I? Oh yes, in that water and snake filled garbage crusher on the Death Star when Luke, Han, Chewie and Leia almost get crushed before R2D2 and C3PO save them by hacking into the control system. I refer of course to AIM.

It seems that barely a day goes by without me feeling compelled to vent my anger about some outrage inflicted on investors on the cesspit. But, it strikes me that a disproportionate number of the stocks that I write about in this vein, are dual listed on the ASX and are primarily Australian companies


4077 days ago

Bullabulling Share Offer Flops – Good: this company is a joke & is toast by August

Bullabulling (BGL) is the sort of disgrace of a mining junior that AIM could well do without. It is all too typical of the sort of Aussie junior that dual lists both in the land of high culture and over here.  It has today ‘fessed up that its open offer to shareholders has, despite some horrifically aggressive share promotion, flopped and this company should be toast before the end of the cricket season. Its shares have slumped by 11% to 3p after today’s debacle but that still capitalises this POS at £10.5 million. My target price is 0.1p by September.


4328 days ago

Caption Contest – Olympics Medals Table Special

Okay, things have improved for the Australians at the Olympics. I see they are now up to ninth in the medals table just behind Hungary and a couple of golds behind the county of Yorkshire. But as I pray for sporting success for Italy, Kazakhstan, Japan and Holland this is still not a great result for the world’s most sporting nation. And with that in mind, plus the news about which reformed talentless 5 piece girl band will be fronting up the closing ceremony. This week’s caption contest features the picture above.

As ever the prize is a Piss off Argentina mug which can also be bought from our online store here.


4333 days ago

Reasons to celebrate: Australia trails Ethiopia at Olympics

The Olympics has caught fire for me at last. Do not get me wrong, I have nothing much against Australians. Okay, half of them are descended from convicts and most of the rest claim to be Greek. They are a bunch of philistines. And you would not want many of them (apart from Clive James, Germaine Greer and perhaps Peter Tatchell) in your pub quiz team. Why is it that the few really smart Australians feel the need to emigrate?

But generally they are an okay bunch. It is just that when they win at sport they are insufferably bad winners. And, damn it, they are normally pretty successful on the sporting field. I reckon that in 44 years on this planet I have suffered enough Australian sporting triumphalism for one lifetime and so I admit to taking an extreme vicarious pleasure in Aussie sporting humiliation.