Uncle Christopher Booker would have loved this – The Met Office and BBC spin global cooling as global warming

Tom Winnifrith Tuesday 7 January 2020


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My late uncle Chris would have loved this. It is one of those moments when I really want to chat to him as we would both have been laughing within seconds. It is not the fact that the UK is getting cooler but the way that in utterly Orwellian fashion the BBC and the high priests of the global warming cult, the Met Office, spin cooling as warming.

You may remember that when Michael Mann produced his famous hockey stick and the UEA all those models, the IPPC stated, in the late 1990s, that the world was getting warmer and it was going do to on a straight line basis. On the basis of those models and forecasts a whole new religion has been created reaching its peak in 2019 with the beatification of a 16 year old girl who says she can see carbon emissions, the terribly ill child who tells lies, Ms Greta Thunberg.

Wind forward to just after Christmas and the BBC and Met Office were having knicker wetting orgasms: 2019 was the hottest year on record and the decade just ended was the second hottest on record.

Except that, in fact, by the Met’s own admission, 2019 was in the UK only the 11th hottest year on record and since records cover so little of history that is pretty meaningless. Meanwhile as for that second place, the hottest decade was er….the 2000s. In other words, in the past decade, notwithstanding a quite hot 2019 the UK has actually got cooler, directly contradicting all of those models from the late 1990s on which this bogus science is based. If the models are slam dunk wrong after 20 years why do we believe their 100 year forecasts?

You may say that this is just the UK. Fine But it is the BBC & Met that trumpets the second hottest decade in the UK as proof of global warming.

So what about the rest of the world.  The BBC is burning stacks of carbon jetting out reporters to report on Australian fires as “proof” of global warming (which of course it is not as I explained HERE), also dropping in reports of the very warm winter in Norway. It ignores record freezing of Chinese rivers, the lowest temperatures on record in Pakistan, or for 100 years in Delhi, and mentions en passant the record rains in Indonesia.  The world is getting warmer, even when it is not. So says the BBC, All hail Greta Thunberg and ensure that our spineless leaders of all leanings, bar President Trump, give in to the hysteria and declare a climate emergency.  

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