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As the BBC drools over Greta Thunberg another lie she tells, an inconvenient truth from Australia

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 29 December 2019

The BBC is today wetting its knickers in public. It sent a journalist to interview Greta Thunberg, that is to say not to challenge her in the slightest on all the falsehoods she spouts, but that journalist travelled by plane. Quick: go get Elton to plant a few trees for the Beeb.  The real scandal here is that the BBC, CNN, the Guardian and the rest of the liberal media accept as gospel, obvious lies spouted by Greta. Let’s look at the terrible bush fires ravaging Oz…

Greta says this is all down to man made global warming caused by those carbon emissions she claims to be able to see. And the liberal media just takes that as a given.

So far the 2019/20 bush fires in New South Wales have, according to the BBC, destroyed 7.4 million acres and it seems as if 8 folks have died.  The 1974/5 bushfire season in the same state saw 11 million acres destroyed.  But in February 1851, in Victoria 12 million acres were destroyed. Back in 1851, 12 folks perished but the population of Australian then was 80,000, not 24 million as it is today, so multiply those 12 fatalities by 300 to get the scale of a disaster which also saw 1 million sheep perish.

The Melbourne Herald of that year reports:

Some of the Gippsland aborigines, who had acquired a small smattering of the English vocabulary from their intercourse with white men, accounted for the physical phenomenon in a very matter of fact way, by sagely wagging their curly heads and declaring that ” bright fellow ( pointing to the sun ) had got the blight in his eye, ” It appears that the obfuscation of the sun by smoke from distant bushfires was regarded as a natural phenomenon by the Australian aborigines, but some of the early European settlers of Gippsland at first believed that this darkness was caused by an unearthly aberration.”


In other words, while modern Western records of Australian bushfires go back only to the mid nineteenth century the aboriginies just viewed such burning as part of nature. It always happened. And in an era before the CO2 global warming hysteria it sometimes happened on a far worse scale than it is happening today. And was February of that year just a very bad couple of days? No. Back to the Herald.

the heat continued until June, and no rain fell until July and August. Food and water became scarce in every district, and great number of stock perished. For two months preceding Black Thursday, the country had been under the influence of hot winds. Everything was in a manner baked.…the north wind was so fierce that the thick smoke reached northern Tasmania…”


As you look at the fires in Australia today just how bad was it back in the days before Greta blamed everything on CO2 emissions and climate change. The Sydney Empire on March 5 1851 reports:

Thursday, in the morning, from the north-westward came sweeping along over and among the lofty gum and wattle trees, a heavy cloud, accompanied by towering columns of dust and smoke driven with a tempestuous hot blast; so sudden was the change that the fiery blast might be felt on one cheek, whilst the south-easterly wind played on the other. This was about ten minutes past seven o’clock. The wind grew in fury and in heat. The air was full not only of sand and dust but small stones, which drove with incredible force. The heat increased every hour, and the wind blew with resistless fury, it swept the roads and streets, it hovered, round the angles of the buildings, and fell with a deadening heat on all that it came in contact with – man was prostrate and helpless, business stopped, the streets deserted, the houses closed, and for many weary hours the blast and the sand storm ruled supreme. The sun, where it struck, seemed to leave a burning spot; but O! worse than all, came the suffocating dry air that filled the lungs with a parching heat, and choking thirst, and an insatiable desire to drink. The thermometer ranged 115 in the shade, sometimes rising, sometimes sinking, as the hot wind swept by or partly lulled. All were stricken and cowered before it.”


A real journalist might ask Greta to explain how, if man made CO2 etc caused the 2019 fires what caused the 1851 fires? So how does Great know as a FACT that the cause in 2019 is not the same?

Of course the cause IS the same. Greta and the BBC think that man is so important and all powerful that he causes everything. Folks, whether white or aboriginal, in 1851 knew better. Man is nothing to what you might term the power of God or you might term the power of nature. The only thing that has changed since 1851 is the arrogance of mankind such that he falls for this new religion which bears no logical scrutiny and who has as its Messiah a young lady who, I fear, is very seriously ill.

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