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Before you slam Jeremy Corbyn on Ukraine – what is your plan?

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 4 August 2022

Today’s Emmanuel Goldstein in the two minute hate on social media, in the MSM and at Westminster is, not for the first time, Jeremy Corbyn. His “crime” is suggesting that the UK should not be sending any more weapons and cash to Ukraine. Before you condemn the Marxist old loon what is your alternative?

The MSM and our politicians still pretend that Ukraine can win this war. The Ministry of Truth, via the poodle press, ensures that we are inundated with reports on how Ukraine is inching towards Kherson where the Russians are now well dug in, suggesting that it can be recaptured.  We are not inundated with reports on how the Russian offensive in the East is seeing Ukraine lose 100 of its sons and daughters serving on the Eastern front every day.

The BBC reported 8 days ago that the arrival of modern Western weapons had “halted” the Russian advance in the East. But that is just not true - it is another lie fed to a population that wants to believe in such lies. The new weapons may have slowed the advance but the Russians are continuing to gain ground in the Donbas. And so the idea that Ukraine is going to win this war however much cash we in the West  pour in – much of it to be stolen – and arms we send, is for the fairies.

But as long as we keep sending the cash – not all of which will ends up in Swiss bank accounts – and the weapons the war will drag on. More soldiers on both sides and more civilians will die. The UK’s finances will worsen. Gas shortages and rocketing prices will cause untold misery with the poorest, across Europe, suffering the most.

In the end Ukraine will have to talk and agree to a peace and that will see it having to accept that Russian speaking regions will be lost. As Jezza recognises, sending more arms and cash merely delays that day of acceptance.. Clearly pulling the plug at a stroke would cause a massive collapse and that is not an attractive option and we might all agree that in calling for that, Jezza is – as usual – on the wrong side of history.

But is discreetly making it clear to Ukraine that it needs to talk, to compromise or else, as a way of reducing the loss of life and other collateral damage, really such a bad idea? Those  who condemn Comrade Corbyn offer no alterative to endless bloodshed and suffering with no difference in the final outcome  

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