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71 days ago

Britain sending depleted uranium shells to Ukraine should be a war crime – Russia is right

In these Russiaphobic times many will see this article as proof that I am a Putin apologist. I am not. The invasion of Ukraine was wrong, and I am sure that, while both sides have committed war crimes in this war, Ukraine as well as Russia, it is the latter whose sins are greater. But that is not a reason for Britain to supply depleted Uranium tank shells to Ukraine. Iraq and the Yugoslav wars show just how horrible these weapons are.


101 days ago

The bogus air raid sirens over Kiev for the Biden visit – can’t folks see they are being played?

The Americans warned Russia that President Joe Biden was going to Kiev precisely so that there would be no missile attacks during his visit leading to further ramping up of tensions. And, indeed, there were zero attacks on the Ukrainian Capital yesterday.  None by plane, none by missile, none at all. However…


302 days ago

Before you slam Jeremy Corbyn on Ukraine – what is your plan?

Today’s Emmanuel Goldstein in the two minute hate on social media, in the MSM and at Westminster is, not for the first time, Jeremy Corbyn. His “crime” is suggesting that the UK should not be sending any more weapons and cash to Ukraine. Before you condemn the Marxist old loon what is your alternative?