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The bogus air raid sirens over Kiev for the Biden visit – can’t folks see they are being played?

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 21 February 2023

The Americans warned Russia that President Joe Biden was going to Kiev precisely so that there would be no missile attacks during his visit leading to further ramping up of tensions. And, indeed, there were zero attacks on the Ukrainian Capital yesterday.  None by plane, none by missile, none at all. However…

As Biden and President Zelensky strolled through the streets the air raid sirens went off, something duly reported by the worlds’ media to show the bravery of the two Presidents and how wicked the Russians are.

But with no missiles or planes heading to Kiev, not even a fly past by the Ghost of Kiev, this was all for show. Surely the mainstream media has just a shred of integrity DNA and would point this out? Er…no. It is part of the propaganda war now, prepared to play its part in misleading us all.

Meanwhile in the Donbas region there were multiple civilian casualties as a non military target was attacked. Oddly that clear war crime was not reported on. Why? Because it was Ukraine doing the shelling and Russian speakers dying. This is not an apology for Putin but just a reminder that it is not just one side committing war crimes in this awful conflict, something the Western media refuses to accept.

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